Mixtape Review: Team 600- ‘In LA We Trust 2’

It was a no-brainer for Team 600 to release a sequel to their highly successful debut mixtape project “In LA We Trust.” The 600 camp didn’t disappoint on their DJ Bandz-hosted project. The South Side Chiraq rap clique put together a solid 18-track effort that showcased their talents on a professional level. Team 600 is working on a high-caliber level despite their underground status and “In LA We Trust 2” is proof.

RondoNumbaNine, who is currently fighting a first-degree murder charge, kicks off the gang’s tape with a recorded phone call from prison.

“We finna turn the f-ck up,” he says.

Rondo held true to his word in track two featuring Hanna of PnP. Rondo is indeed “Turnin Up” on his Dree The Drummer production, rapping, “The whole squad turnt up, loud (?), we burning blunts/For LA we go nuts, catch a opp, we shoot em up.”

A special gem on this tape was new LA Capone music. Capone, a rising Chiraq artist, lost his life Sept. 26, 2013 after he was shot multiple times.

Capone’s latest posthumous single “Ya Know” features 600 brother Young Famous. Money is the primary objective for these two artists.

Capone begins this record, rapping, “I rap about sh-t I been through/It’s real but what about you/You ain’t gon shoot, I’ma just do what it do/My mama want me in the nest, told her relax.”

Famous follows LA, rapping, “You see what you started, my n-ggas retarded/They just bought a glizzy, put hollows in that/And it’s all for LA, go do a drill and slide to LA/Long Live LA.”

Rondo goes hard on every record. He invites fans to turn up with him and feel his pain on track four. Rondo is trying to navigate his way through the perilous jungle where he resides. But it’s extremely difficult because it’s killed or be killed in Chiraq.

Rondo explains his troubles, rapping, “I lost J-Money, I lost LA, this sh-t so crazy/Man, this sh-t so crazy/I’m riding in this foreign with my nine banging/Free my n-ggas, RIP my n-ggas, I ain’t even gon lie, sh-t real.”

Edai gladly plays the bad guy on Bobby Shmurda’s beat for single “Bobby B*tch.” But Edai prefers to be called Koopa… b-tch. King Koopa, as many 80s, 90s and millennial kids may know, is the ruthless villain from the Super Mario Bros. video game series. Edai is ruthless himself and unleashes hellfire in his record.

Capone’s “The Gat” originally premiered on his posthumous solo debut mixtape “Separate Myself.” Two of Capone’s closest friends prior to his death, Prince Dre and JB Bin Laden, recorded a hot remix to the joint.

As Rondo explained it, it’s kill or be killed in South Side Chiraq. This is why Dre and JB believe it’s imperative to live and die by “The Gat.”

Dre describes the hell he and others are living in, rapping, “Where I’m from but we know murder/Run up on him, brain spill/Boy, you better grab the shovel cause it’s real in this field/Shorties dying left and right/Momma crying day and night/Probably why I keep the gat/Boy, I can’t let em take my life.”

Young Famous is repping 600 hard and throwing his set up high in the air in his Nito Beats production. He raps, “Take a n-gga down for the cheddar/F-ck a n-gga b-tch and I make her feel better/Six double o on a whole nother level/N-ggas ain’t even ready for the battle.”

The energy of slain Chiraq rapper LA Capone was felt in Team600’s record “In Da Field” featuring Edai and JusBlow. This track may spark some sense of familiarity as the hook contains Capone’s rhymes from his popular track “Play For Keeps.”

Capone raps, “These n-ggas ain’t really in the field/Little folks going in the kill/and I love when I’m off that pill/Can’t change boy I’m too real.”

JusBlow hits this record, rapping, “These n-ggas ain’t really in the field/Like a slave in the field toting steel/Glock 40 show a n---- how it feel/Head shot, face shot/We ain’t showing no chill.”

Edai follows, rapping, “These n-ggas ain’t really in the field/JusBlow in the cut with the steel/Damn, I love when I’m that pill/Headshot when he caught that kill/On LA, what I rap, that’s real.”

Rondo is 600, so he made sure his presence was felt on this project. Even behind bars, he’s going to make his presence felt. The 600 rapper blessed fans with some original rhymes off the dome.

Cdai, who is also fighting a first-degree murder charge, had a role in this project. In addition to track “GLOTF,” he collabs with Huncho Hoodo on song “Don’t Worry About It.”

Cdai and Hunchoo have no worries, so you shouldn’t either. Capiche?

Cdai raps, “I ain’t worried about a thing, I got my squad with me/Squad with me and all these n-ggas frauds and they pillow talking to these broads a get ya squad semmied/And them hitters in your yard with them toys, hear me.”

Huncho follows, rapping, “Don’t worry about them glocks, you wanna be a target/Pull up dumping out of steamers, we don’t never park it/Lay a n-gga down, ambulance gon have to cart em.”

Dotarachi delivered a solo joint on this tape. Dot is one of the most exciting artists to monitor in the Chiraq Hip Hop market. His music will either make you dance or feel like the hardest cat in the room.

His track “Suckas” will make you feel like the latter.

Dot raps, “Big pole, keep it on me/I’m never by my lonely/Shawty, she be on me/But never will I cuff her/You kiss her and you love her/Boa, yo a-- a sucker.”

600Breezy’s lone appearance on this project on song “DWMTM” featuring Edai.

Breezy’s grind mode is in overdrive. He want the top and won’t accept anything less.

He raps, “Edai and Ronod booked, they tryna give em life/Free the guys, b-tch, we out here posted with them pipes/ F-ck that Twitter beef, shorty you can die tonight/Guns on us, we don’t fight/Checking n-ggas like some Nikes.”

Edai follows Breezy, rapping, “Look at me, came up from nothing now they booking me/30 on me, everytime I roll ain’t no cooking me/Better get that casket, boy/Just to go and put this beef/Rest to peace to fallen guys, lost a couple to the streets.”

Team 600’s “In LA We Trust 2” is straight dopeness. The squad honored LA Capone well in this one. This project proves there is no stopping Team 600 at this point. The raw talent and energy the crew possesses is real and can definitely be felt. I’m sure many fans are already looking forward to the third installment. Stream/download this project below.

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