King Yella Is A Man Possessed In ‘Chucky of Chiraq’ Mixtape (Review)

King Yella is a man possessed in his latest mixtape effort “Chucky of Chiraq,” hosted by DJ Legacy and DJ Shon. Yella found Halloween to be a fitting release date for his project as he aimed to unleash a wave of terror on the entire realm of Hip Hop. There is also special significance behind the title of this project. Chucky is the villainous character from the popular horror film series “Child’s Play.” The original film happened to be set in Chicago. Chucky is a doll whose body was inhabited by serial killer Charles Lee Ray aka the “Lakeshore Strangler” through voodoo. Like Charles Lee Ray, Yella is wreaking havoc in present day Chiraq and he is using insane bars to do so.

Yella’s opening track featuring Lord Eazy borrows the title of the tape. Yella is feeling wicked, rapping, “Aye, murder was the case/caught yo goofy a-- in traffic shot you all up in ya face/Child’s play, Yella Boy, you know I’m killing sh-t/Ain’t no Freddy, ain’t no Jason, ain’t no Leprechaun on sh-t.”

Yella’s crazed mindset continues on track “Goin Crazy” as he raps, “All I do is shoot, I might shoot at you/I might shoot it out in the Bentley coupe/N-gga you a lame, n-gga you a goof.”

King L made a hit when he recorded “Til I Meet Selena.” But Selena probably wishes she never met Yella. Yella did the Selena beat something dirty, rapping, “I don’t really dance, but I diddy bop with that 30-shot/Shoot him in his top, call em tater tots/Don’t give a f-ck, he was a f-cking opp/N-ggas sending shots on Ada block/Skeeze gang, n-gga f-ck the cops.”

The Yella rampage continues on track five. He and Billionaire Black trade “Bars” on this record.

Yella begins this record, rapping, “So if I catch a opp, then he die/I’m a big dog, he small fries/I’m insane on the I/I kill opps, no lie.”

Billion follows Yella, rapping, “30 shot spray a whole crowd/Kick a door, lay em all down/Got a hundred shot, I shoot em all out.”

Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” was one of the hottest records of the summer. Yella upped the temp with his very own freestyle, rapping, “See Yella, I’m too hot, n-gga/Catch a goofy up in traffic, he get pop n-gga/Especially with them Glo Gang opp n-ggas/We the Clout Boys, we don’t f-ck with Glo n-ggas.”

King Yella and FBG Duck are on their “Rich N*gga” sh-t. According to Yella and Duck, this level of clout affords one the ability to f-ck a lot of thots, drive foreign cars, pop bottles, rock all gold and buy a lot of guns and clothes.

Yella begins this track, rapping, “I’m a rich n-gga, b-tch/I’m on my rich n-gga, sh-t/Got a (?) on my wrist, got bands in my pocket selling all these bricks/All my n-ggas with the sh-ts/I’m talking hurricane wrist.”

Duck raps, “The way that my diamonds shine, it’ll leave you blind/Take a look at my wrist/She watching me tell her get off of me, I’m thinking about taking your b-tch/N-ggas be fronting they move, that sh-t not cool/It be making me sick.”

Yella tapped CashOut063 aka BossCash and Vonte Rich for his “Demons” remix. All three artists stay on bullsh-t in this track.

Yella raps, “No lackin homie, no lackin homie/RIP Lil JoJo, homie/Know I keep that 30 on me/F-ck a opp, f-ck a opp/Know that I done send some shots.”

Cash follows Yella, rapping, “Pull up on your block finna spark sh-t/Tookaville, Bricksquad love to start sh-t/(?) my villain, I be killing it/Never been a lame, who you think you dealing with.”

Vonte finishes off this record, rapping, “I’m a demon, n-gga/My n-ggas demons, n-gga/For a quick stain, we fiending, n-gga/So don’t get caught lacking/And if I catch a opp in traffic/Bow bow man down.”

Who would’ve thought Yella and rising artist Montana of 300 would ever rip a record together. This was the case on song “Chucky.” The two notorious MCs mesh well on this record.

Yella begins this track, rapping, “Pull up on your block, I got that 30 and a glock/Since a shorty, I been hot/I been killing sh-t like Pac.”

Montana raps, “King Yella and Montana, we on fire in this b-tch/Desert Eagle in my Robbins, I be fly in this b-tch/B-tches on me, haters phony, they be riding my d-ck.”

I regard Yella’s “Chucky of Chiraq” mixtape as his best work to date. Yella’s tracks went right along with the theme of the tape. The features selected for this project were also A-1. This project has definite replay value.

Stream/download Yella’s “Chucky of Chiraq” mixtape below.

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