Lil Durk & Lil Mister Reveal They Are Cousins

Someone cue the suspense music. The storyline in the Bricksquad 6775 and 300 Lamron plot just got more interesting.

Lil Durk’s “Only The Family” label just took on a whole new meaning.

It was recently learned that Bricksquad rapper Lil Mister and Def Jam rapper Lil Durk are actually blood-related.

Durk and Lil Mister got into a family squabble via Twitter Thursday morning.

Mister said Durk “X’d” him out. Durk provided his younger cousin some words of encouragement, telling the “No Lackin” rapper his “fame” was coming.

Lil Mister then accused Durk of “player hating” and letting “fame” get to his “nugget.”

Durk responded, writing, “@6775montana f--- all dis s--- u can have it ima give it to your cry baby a--.”

The animosity soon cooled with Lil Mister writing Durk, “@lildurk_ Iight I’m gon Frfr Be Cool how u be Cool B.”

Mister, who often raps under the moniker “Montana,” told followers his “blood line run long.” He then directly revealed Durk being his cousin for the very first time.

Durk’s last message to Mister, read, “@6775montana you my lil Cuzzo you just a opp we play for keeps.”

Mister replied, “@lildurk_ Iight ion want you to come beat me up Like a Big Cuz.”

This recent revelation comes following Lil Mister’s recent message slamming the Lamron rapper for his “Competition” song. In this song, Durk went on attack mode in disparaging Bricksquad 6775, Wugga World and Fly Boy Gang Rappers Lil Jay and Duck.

Lil Mister is affilitiated with Bricksqud and Wugga World.

“Rt LIL DURK K I TWEET THE S--- MY BIG FOLKS TOLD ME LEAK DIS S--- @lildurk_ #Jojoworld,” Lil Mister wrote on Twitter.

Mister later posted the abovementioned tweet to his IG with a caption, reading, “#P---- #PUNK #HATER #WUGAWORLD! Instagram.”

Check out the interesting exchange of Tweets between the two rappers in full below:

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