Exclusive: Dakota Unique- ‘Can’t Compete’ Featuring CashOut063 aka BossCash

Dakota Unique and CashOut063 aka BossCash have been diligently searching. They have been looking high and low and far and wide. Still no results.

What are they looking for, you ask? The competition. Either they are hiding or they simply don’t exist. One would have a better chance at finding a four-leaf clover in their eyes.

“Sorry, you can’t compete. No no, you can not compete,” Dakota arrogantly states in her record.

Kota cops a Tony flow in her verse, rapping, “My shooters is stoners with some cojones/These thots is fast thinking they grown ups/Foenem with AKs, blowing down grown ups.”

Cash follows Kota, rapping, “These boys cannot compete with me, gues I be balling to much/You’re not even in the league, shut up you’re talking too much.”

Listen to this exclusive new music below.

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