Desiigner Announces New Album With PnB Rock

#pnbrock announces new album with #desiigner ?

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Desiigner is already prepping his next album. The Brooklyn artist released his debut album “New English” in June 2016.

Desiigner took to Twitter to announce his next album will be a joint collaboration between himself and PnB Rock.

The “Panda” rapper wrote, “PNB AND DESIIGNER ALBUM @pnbrock coming Soon.”

This may be one of two projects Desiigner announced he was releasing days ago.

Desiigner’s announcement of new music came in response to fans saying he fell off.

Desiigner took to his IG account to let fans know he hasn’t gone anywhere.

“For all them haters out there man. I don’t wanna hear all this s**t, ‘Desiigner fell off.’ Desiigner never fell nowhere,” he said. “You feel what I’m saying? I fell into a muthaf***in’ mansion I just bought in L.A., you know what I’m saying? Thank you all my fans, L.O.D. album coming soon, you dig?”

???? #LOD check My Story For The Rest

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