DJ Akademiks and 6ix9ine Facing Backlash After Disturbing Videos Resurface Of Them Asking 15-Year-Old Bhad Bhabie About Her Sex Life At Age 14

Controversial Spotify Podcaster DJ Akademiks is currently facing backlash after disturbing videos resurfaced of himself asking a then 15-year-old Bhad Bhabie, born Danielle Bregoli, about what she was doing sexually at age 14.

It was only less than two months after Bregoli celebrated her 15th birthday when she was pressed about her sex life during inappropriate Twitch and IG stream sessions with DJ Akademiks and 6ix9ine.

Bregoli, who turned 15 years old on March 26, 2018, was a guest on Akademiks Twitch session on May 15, 2018 where she defended herself against accusations of her allegedly sleeping with Trippie Redd when she was 14. Akademiks can be seen in this stream with a clear intent to shame the minor about her personal life alongside 6ix9ine.

During the stream, Akademiks and 6ix9ine – who previously pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance in October 2015, and is currently on probation for that crime – use foul language when pressing the young teen on whether or not she slept with Trippie Redd.

Akademiks says, “…If 6ix9ine said that Trippie f****d you, that’s false?”

6ix9ine later joins the stream where he then grills Bregoli on her relationship with Trippie.

“Trippie told X y’all f****d,” 6ix9ine tells Bregoli as an excited Akademiks watches on while downing a bottle of dark liquor.

Bhad Bhabie’s father Ira Peskowitz has since come out to express that the sexualization of his daughter at the hands of adults while still a minor is what led her to start an OnlyFans account.

During an interview with The Sun, Peskowitz says his daughter was groomed by those around her after she shot to fame as a viral star.

“Was she groomed? Absolutely,” he said. “With the way she dressed, the way she acted, everything was sex related and encouraged by people around her.”

Many people around social media were disturbed by Akademiks and 6ix9ine’s brazenness to sexualize a 15-year-old girl on live stream:

This isn’t Akademiks’ first time sexualizing minors.

In a 2014 video posted on DJ Akademiks Youtube channel titled, “Tyga Denies Being in a Relationship with Kylie Jenner. Is 24 Dating 17 Cool?” Akademiks said a then 17-year-old Kylie Jenner and her sisters were trained to perform sexual acts since age 13.

Oddly enough, years later, he would sexualize the same woman he said was trained to s**k and f**k since age 13 with a social media post saying she provided him “fap material.” Akademiks posted a photo of Jenner in her bathing suit onto his IG account with a cringe caption, reading, “Broskiis… f*ck onlyfans… Kylie Jenner just gave us fap material for a whole week!”

Akademiks’ “fap” post drew much criticism on social media.

Akademiks’ suspect behavior has been well-documented all throughout social media.

Akademiks also sparked outrage after posting footage of Billie Eilish twerking on his IG account. Commenters were upset that Akademiks, who was 29 at the time of posting, would sexualize the newly turned 18-year-old singer with a post asking his followers to rate her twerk skills.

“#billieeilish twerking . Rate it brehs,” he wrote.

This, too, drew backlash on social media.

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