DJ Akademiks Made Fun Of 9-Year-Old Murder Victim in Chicago

DJ Akademiks provided disgusting commentary on the 2014 tragic murder of 9-year-old Antonio Smith in Chicago.

Little Antonio was shot and killed Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014 on the South Side of Chicago after he ran out of his family apartment when his mother denied him a cupcake.

“He got mad because I didn’t give him what he wanted,” a somber Brandi Murry told the Chicago Sun-Times, recounting what she knew of her son’s death.

It was later learned gang members killed Antonio after mistaking him for a rival. Antonio was shot in the back, hand and twice in the chest, with one of the bullets piercing his heart.

Antonio’s body was found on a concrete slab a few feet away from the railroad tracks that have long served as the dividing line between the Sircon City Gangster Disciples and Pocket Town Gangster Disciples.

The Complex personality for some sick reason decided to make a joke out of Antonio’s death on his “War In Chiraq” channel for a Youtube paycheck.

In Akademiks’ Youtube commentary titled, “4 Chiraq Savages Kill 9 Year Old in Routine Scheduled Gang Shootout,” he said, “Now the kid ran out of the house cause he caught temper tantrum with his mom, and one of the gang members saw him, thought he was one of the opps, and actually smoked on his coon pack, well smoked on a 9-year-old pack. What is that, a mini-pack? Whatever.”

Urban Dictionary defines an opp pack, as “a (disrespectful) reference to a deceased person while smoking a joint or blunt. Originates from the Chicago drill music scene.”

Akademiks offered his variation of the pack term through his Drill Scene coverage called “Coon Pack.” A coon is a racial slur coined by White Americans for African Americans.

Four men were later charged in little Antonio’s murder, including Derrick D. Allmon, 19; Michael D. Baker, 19; Jabari Williams 19, and 19-year-old Paris Denard. The men – members of the Sircon City faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang – were reportedly riding in two cars that afternoon looking to shoot members of the Pocket Town Gangster Disciples, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In the 1200 block of East 71st Street, they spotted two men they believed were rivals, police told the Chicago Tribune.

Derrick reportedly got out of one car, walked over to the other and talked to Jabari who handed him a handgun and told him to shoot the two.

“As Allmon approached his intended targets on foot, he came across Antonio Smith in the rear yard of a residence,” then-Superintendent Garry McCarthy told the Tribune. “Believing that Antonio Smith was yelling a warning to his intended victims, Allmon shot Antonio Smith multiple times, wounding him fatally.”

Antonio’s funeral was held 10 days after his death on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014.

Antonio played for the Washington Park peewee football team, and loved to dance to Chris Brown songs.

Antonio’s framed Washington Park peewee football No. 84 jersey stood to the left of his small, white casket at his funeral.

“All he did was joke and laugh and play,” Antonio’s mother Brandi told the Sun-Times.

DJ Akademiks made a kid who loved to joke and laugh the brunt of his jokes for cheap laughs and YouTube dollars.

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