Doughboy Roc (Doughboyz Cashout) Shot and Killed In Detroit

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Detroit rapper Doughboy Roc of Doughboyz Cashout was shot and killed on the City’s West Side today (Monday, Oct. 9).

Roc, whose real name is Rodney Yeargin, was gunned down around 3:30 p.m. while sitting in his white Hyundai near an abandoned field outside a house at Stoepel street and Westfield, the Detroit News reports.

Police say the “4am In The Mo” rapper was shot in his right ear and shoulder.

Roc and his group Doughboyz Cashout were signed to Young Jeezy in 2013.

Adrian Clemens told Detroit News she was Roc’s cousin, and referred to him as “Little Rodney.”

“He was a good guy just trying to pursue his music career,” she said.

Another acquaintance who goes by the name Huey referred to Roc as a “legend.”

“I did music with him,” Huey told Detroit News. “We did beats together for years. I grew up with him. His best friend was killed a few months ago.”

Detroit producer Helluva Made This Beat took to IG to pay homage to Roc by posting a short snippet of a music video Roc filmed.

The caption on his post read, “You shot this video the day before you went to jail at my studio @doughboy_roc we got so wasted of a liter of 1800 and I kept the bottle till you got out, I look at all of y’all young detroit rappers like y’all my little brothers but your really my little brother, you came on crutches to perform for my niece party and told me you’ll beat my a-- when I tried to pay you, are last conversation I was like dam you don’t f—- wit you brother no more and you was like hell I don’t be bothering you cuz I know you b busy as hell and I told you, you my brother man I don’t give a f— what I do in life I’ll always b there for you, I can’t fight back the tears right now I love you bro.”

Roc’s death comes a little under a month after releasing his “Roc vs Balboa” mixtape on Sept. 15.

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