Edai, S. Dot, Tay600 & RondoNumbaNine Remember L’A Capone In ‘Six Double 0’ Pt. 2 Music Video

Edai’s life, squad, team and everything he holds dear is 6 Double 0. Edai’s original single “Six Double 0” was a huge hit, so it was only right for the South Side rapper to record a part two. This is track was made in remembrance of slain rapper L’A Capone.

Edai again sought the services of Rio Productions to film this visual featuring S. Dot, Tay600 and RondoNumbaNine.

Edai begins this track, rapping, “If it’s about my squad, I can tell yall don’t want no parts/They done killed my bro, now these n****s done got me charged/Came (?) with my squad, all my little n****s, they sharks.”

S. Dot is next up, rapping, “Man I live for 6 Double 0/It can get real on 6 Double 0/On the block, doing drills til Jakes get hot, can’t chill on 6 Double 0/With the squad where doing our thing/If you ain’t from round here, f**k around and get changed/F**k around get (?)/Disrespect my name, disrespect L’A.”

Tay600 raps, “My homie got killed on 6 Double 0, so I’m still toting steels on 6 Double 0/I’m way in the field on 6 Double 0 cause s**t real on 6 Double 0/And I’m 6 Double 0, I chase that bag, 6 mil for a show/And on 6 double0, you don’t f**k my squad, then b***h gotta go.”

Rondo finishes up the work, rapping, “On 6 Double, why they take L’A/Throw the choppers and they gotta pay/Shoot em dead with the glock or the A/Shots in the f*****g face, you know I don’t play/On Lil Steve man, I can’t wait.”

The music video features footage of Capone in its conclusion. Capone made a guest feature in the original version.

Edai is set to drop his mixtape “Came From Nothing” today on Live Mixtapes.

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