Famous Dex Reacts To Chain Getting Stolen During 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend In LA

#famousdex reveals he got setup 😮

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Famous Dex is reported to have been caught lacking during the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend festivities In Los Angeles.

The culprit took to social media to pose with a photo of himself of Dexter’s prized chain.

The thief captioned his post, “Dexter!!!!!! This n***a always snatching some s**t.”

Dexter took to his IG Live session to claim he got set up.

“To be honest, I got set up,” Dexter said. “If I don’t get my chain back tomorrow, I’m a p****y. I’m a b***h on my son.”

Dexter reaffirmed he didn’t get his chain snatched off of his neck.

“No security, none of that. I got set up on my OG,” he said. “Ain’t no n***a snatch s**t off me. Nobody took s**t from me n***a. Real talk on my son. Ain’t nobody taking s**t from me. All that commotion, saw me running to the elevator, come on bro, a n***a ain’t do s**t to me. I was with motherf*****s too but I ain’t gonna address that on Live. I’m a real n***a.”

Dex went to say he’d have his chain back by today.

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