Famous Dex Talks FBG Beef and Bumping Into Lil Durk At BET Awards

Famous Dex has given his most honest interviews with Say Cheese TV. Dex’s most recent interview with Say Cheese was no different after he opened up in his recent disagreements with FBG Clout Boys, his friendship with Lil Durk and the ongoing GD/BD war in Chicago.

Dex denied ever being a member of FBG, but says he is on good terms with Billionaire Black and Lil Jay.

“I never was Fly Boy Gang. Duck, Billy and nem know that,” Dex said. “Free my n***a Double O. Me and Double O talk. I really wanna show this talk on the interview, but that’s another story on that. Bro was telling me, ‘Yeah, them n****s was tryna make me talk bad on you.’”

Dex went on to downplay lies told by Duck.

“I never said no diss s**t against Duck or Billionaire,” Dex explained. “Billionaire my homie. Me and Billionaire still talk to this day. Me and Billionaire still talk to this day. Billionaire my n***a. But Duck, it was never like that. I stayed at Billionaire crib. Billionaire mama fed me. And I choose to do that. …[Duck] know I ain’t never wore a clothe off you. You seven-foot. I’d never fit sh*t off you.”

Dex said his problems with Duck resulted from him finding a way to feed his family.

“It went south because they found out Dex ain’t with that bullsh*t,” Dex said. “It went south when they found Dex found a way to get some money and ain’t gang banging no more. It went south when they saw me in a picture with Lil Herb. It went south when they saw me make a song with Lil Bibby. Bruh, if I could be the one to change this sh*t, I’ma try. If I could be the one to make it good for our city, I’ma do it.”

Dex said he ran into Lil Durk at the BET Awards and it was all love. It was the first the two seen each other since high school.

“I saw Durk at the BET Awards,” he said. “Wasn’t no security guards. Wasn’t no paparazzi. I saw Durk, it was me and Rich, and it was Durk and his mans. When that n***a looked at me, we started smiling at each other. I said, ‘Bro, I couldn’t wait to see yo a–.’ What I got against Durk? That was my mans. We went to school with each other.

Dex went on to say he told Durk to get ‘blessed’ tatted on his neck.

Check out full interview above.

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