FAMU Band President Charged in Robert Champion’s Death

dante martin
Dante Martin

A Psychology Major at FAMU has been charged with felony hazing in the death of Robert Champion, according to court documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

Dante Martin, a 25-year-old member of FAMU’s famous Marching 100, joins 11 other defendants in the hazing investigation. Martin, who acted as bus president, allegedly organized the hazing rituals that lead to Champion’s death.

Martin’s name is now included in a 20-page revised hazing document that says the dozen band members “unlawfully and intentionally or recklessly [committed] an act of hazing… and the hazing resulted in the death of Robert Champion,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Martin, who played the snare drum, also faces two other counts of misdemeanor hazing in another case. Martin pleaded not guilty in the misdemeanor hazing of percussionist Requesta Harden.

Orange Country detectives learned at least four separate hazings occurred on the percussion bus the day of Champion’s death. One hazing ritual called “Bus C crossing” prompts a band member to run a gauntlet in which other band members on the bus beats him or her.

Champion met his untimely demise when he engaged in this deadly ritual.

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