FBG Duck and Billionaire Black Go At It With Famous Dex On Twitter

FBG Clout Boys have vocally expressed their discontent with Famous Dex for purportedly turning his back on them, namely FBG Duck and Billionaire Black. Duck and Black vented their frustrations in new song “No Hook.”

The two Clout Boys took to social media to lay out their reasons for beefing with Dex.










Dex made it clear on Twitter he wasn’t entertaining the f*****y.

“Everybody on my d**k now. Last year I was sh*t

“I don’t [owe] uh mf bt hell

“I just be [laughing] at they broke ass,” he wrote.

Famous Dex even took to Periscope to spazz on his haters, namely FBG Duck. Dex says he is not going to feed into the hate because he’s doing well right now.

“I always tell my family life is a bumpy road,” Dex said. “You’re going to fall into pot holes and bumps, but is you gonna stand there or get the f**k out.”

He added, “Never feed into the negative.”

Duck dropped his “Leave Me Alone” music video, which takes aim at Dex.

He later followed it up short video explaining why he opted to diss Dex.

#FBGDuck Explains Why He Dissed #FamousDex

A video posted by Kollege Kidd (@kollegekidd) on

“For everyone saying I’m dissing Dex, I’m hating on him for some clout, bih stop,” he said. “I made clout. I’ma always have some f*****g clout. You stupid ass people. But when a n***a used to sleep in yoru crib, when you was there when a n***a mama died, he needed somewhere to go when he was homeless, he was crying. You was there for him. When the n***a needed some clothes. Whatever the situation might been, we was there for him. I already told him. I seen at the club. I was proud of him for his success you feel me. He know I ain’t hating on him. But basically you said f**k us, so f**k you. And f**k whoever got something to say about it, y’all can all suck my d**k.”

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