NBA Youngboy Denies Crashing Lamborghini

#nbayoungboy says he didn't crash the #lamborghini ?

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NBA Youngboy was named in a lawsuit filed by Exotic Car Rental after he was accused of wrecking a Lamborghini rental in late June, TMZ reports.

Youngboy has since taken to social media to clear his name.

“F**k World Star. F**k that Lambo,” Youngboy said. “B***h I wasn’t the one that was even driving it. Who the police wrote up in their report?”

Youngboy is suspected of crashing the white 2016 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder on Saturday, June29, after speeding down a residential street.

The crash occurred just after midnight in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles, KTLA 5 reports.

The crash reportedly occurred near the intersection of Romaine Street and North Genesee Avenue, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. N. Rios said.

A witness told investigators the Lamborghini was traveling eastbound on Romaine when the driver lost control and hit two parked cars.

The crash caused a black compact SUV to be overturned and another to be heavily damaged, reports.

Youngboy is accused of racing someone driving a Bentley before the crash. He reportedly fled the scene after the accident.

A witness told police he saw two men getting out of the Lamborghini and hopping into Bentley before it drove away, KTLA 5 reports.

“I heard what sounded like rolling thunder, but very clearly a car accident,” Alex Gardels told KTLA. “We came out here, saw a Lamborghini crash into a car over this way. After we saw there was no one in there, we noticed another car flipped up on its side. We tried to make sure no one was in there. Got away because we smelled gasoline. It would seem this Lamborghini crashed, hopped into the Bentley, and they all ran.”

Lawsuit documents state Youngboy’s agent rented the Lamborghini on June 27 and agreed to be the only person to operate it and would be “personally liable for any and all damages.”

Exotic Car Rentals say damages to the vehicle exceed $350,000.

Sources close to Youngboy tell TMZ the rapper denied involvement in the wreckage, and that the car was rented to someone in his crew. They say the reason they left the scene was because a member of the crew needed to go to the hospital.

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