FBG Duck, HG Locks & Patty Pat Come In First Place In ‘Runner Up’

Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers. FBG Duck, HG Locks and Patty Pat are forever winners while their competition are runner-ups.

The trio collaborate for their new 2014 single and tout their dominance on the rap scene.

HG Locks is feeling like the greatest of all time, rapping, “I’m feeling like Ali up in his f*****g prime/I ain’t even addressing n****s, that’s wasting time/The way n****s run their mouth, it’s a damn shame/F**k around, get your head crack cause you love fame/But I’m a real n***a, I can never switch it up/I ain’t asking for no handouts, I ain’t b*****g bruh.”

Duck is passed the baton and takes this track to the finish line, rapping, “My n****s running up, yo n****s running up/I done seen a lot of s**t coming up/Icall my shooter squirrel cause he be going nuts/You disrespect my block and then my gun a bust/My bro don’t trust a b***h, so I don’t trust em neither/she can be a thot, but still look like a diva/I kick a b***h out cause I don’t f*****g need her/I hope you not gon wife her cause she a f*****g eater.”

Listen to this new single below.

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