Quavo of Migos Learns Fat Trel Has His Three-Piece Chain In New Song ‘Tha Truth’

The truth shall set you free.

This is perhaps the message Quavo of Migos wanted to get across in his new song “Tha Truth,” a Cheese Beatz production.

Quavo released a FaceTime message between himself and Pablo of Blow Cheese Leg Team. Pablo is alleged to have had a role in the theft of Quavo’s chain at Club Stadium in D.C.

But what was previously unknown was Fat Trel’s involvement in the theft.

“And I know who got that three-piece. Fat Trel got that three-piece,” Pablo told Quavo.

Quavo used his time on the track to diss Leg Team and provide the truth on what really occurred that fateful night he was assaulted and robbed.

Quavo raps, “Lil boy, can’t handle the pressure/Cause the world know you got the QC pendant/Look at him scared in the interview/Got him shakin out his britches.”

Pablo revealed in another call Fat Trel had Quavo’s coveted three-piece chain.

Pablo, Donno and Splee of Leg Team admitted their roles in the robbery during an interview with Real Talk Hip Hop.

“This don’t look fu, right here,” Pablo said as showed off the jewelry dangling off of his neck. “I mean I got the link fixed. I got it cleaned up. She back dirty. I gotta take her back to the shop. Get her back right.”

Donno Wildass, who engaged in a back and forth with Migos following the robbery incident, confirmed a second chain was taken during the scuffle.

Willie Bands, an affiliate of the Migos alleged Leg Team members filed a restraining against him.

Pablo, Donno and Splee vehemently deny this claim.

“There’s this little guy I was fighting when sh-t went down,” Donno recounted. “I was arguing with him. Little p*ssy a-- n-gga. Then he talking about we put a restraining order on him. How the f-ck we put a restraining order on you when you ain’t even show the paperwork… I ain’t take the initiative to go talk go even talk to the f-cking police. There’s not even no county.”

“It’s a district. You get locked up, you up in Feds,” Pablo added.

Pablo later stated real men don’t get their chain stolen.

“You gotta be a man, though,” he said. “You don’t let nobody take your chain. A grown man will not let a n-gga take his chain.”

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