Tyga & Game Diss Lil Durk In ‘ChiRaq To LA’

Lil Durk and Tyga’s beef reached a boiling point after the OTF frontman threatened physical harm on the YCMB rapper.

“…If I ever see him, he’s getting his sh*t took,” Durk said in a XXL Mag interview.

The words came, of course, after Durk dissed Tyga in Meek Mill’s “Chiraq’ remix, rapping, “Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, telling thot b*****s I’m not right/Tyga only got one name, but that n***a only got one stripe/He backpack, so it’s easy to get the n***a s**t snatched/Ask Mally Mal to get his s**t back/It’s Chiraq don’t come her. You ain’t from here, don’t come here.”

Tyga didn’t appear fazed and went on to drop a response track titled “ChiRaq To LA.” But Tyga also got some help from Game.

A sound byte of someone saying “187” can be heard in the intro of this track. Let this serve as a forewarning of what’s to come. Tyga and Game literally turned this track into a murder scene.

Tyga goes in on Lil Durk, rapping, “Know some Hoover n****s that down to ride for a homicide when it’s drama time/N****s thinking that they MCs can get touched when it’s hammer time/Who the f**k is Lil Durk?/I dust you like ashin purp/Yo flow whack, my flow crack/Got marble floors, yo floors cracked.”

Tyga wasn’t done there. He goes on to boast the strength of his Hoover set, in addition to throwing a couple more bars at Durk.

He raps, “Tryna be a baller, end up like Flip in ‘Above The Rim’/You too small like (?)/I’m swatting a mosquito/I put you under the earth, now it’s a garden under your tombstone/You sh*t stain teenagers barely teething on hundos/I’ll hold you like the slave you are, all my whips mayo/You from Illinois, I bring the noise/You ain’t platinum, don’t talk to me/Grammy nominated, don’t talk to me/20 million don’t talk to me/It’s levels to this sh*t boy/You basement, don’t talk to me.”

Tyga could’ve ended his track there, but decided to pass the baton to Game. Tyga’s annoyance could be heard in this track, but it was Game who appeared to hold the bigger grudge.

Game confidently backs Tyga, rapping, “T-Raw, I got you, don’t trip m n***a!”

“Tyga hit me like ‘Durk dissing’ Dirk Nowitski? Dirk who n***a?’ Never heard of these n****as!” Game spits.

Game talks being well protected in L.A. and goes on to say he knows gangsters on the West and Southside of Chicago as well.

He even shouts out Chief Keef, rapping, “Hit up 300 with my little n***a Sosa.”

Game continues, rapping, “On the low end, all my BD n****s bring the dope in/BD twins locked up in the feds and my n***a Bump J, hold your head/If you getting money n***a hold your bread/Rock my Pelle P like L.E.D., them Bogus Boys, they f**k with me/I f***k with me/I f**k with stones till I OD/6-9, Seven deuce/Marshalville, I mean Murderville.”

Game then questions the relevance of Durk, rapping, “Lil Durk under a lil dirt/And nobody knows you/This ain’t what they want!/B***h, I thought that was Future’s song/I’m about to show you/You done caught yourself a Little L dog/Nobody’s knows you/You heard of Lil Durk?/N***a hell nah!”

This is perhaps the most refreshing the display of bars we’ve heard in a rap battle in a long time. It’s arguable whether Durk can come back. But we’ll see. Give Tyga and Game’s “ChiRaq To LA” track a listen below.

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