FBG Duck Reacts To Rico Recklezz Dissing Him and FBG Brick In ‘Slide’ Remix


Rico Recklezz is prepping a scathing diss track aimed at former friend FBG Duck. Rico got at Duck in his remix to “Slide.”


Rico raps, “It’s a real n***a party, no the f**k it ain’t/Foenem off the drank, and off the stank.”

Rico goes on to disrespect Duck’s slain brother Brick.

Duck recently took to IG Live to issue a response to Rico.

“I’m successful. I waited six years for this s**t. I’m where I need to be in life,” Duck said. “I’m not gon let no goofy a– n***a knock me off my square. Why? Cause I’m getting money, and I’m getting way more money than him. I’m rich a– hell. Took me a long time to get rich a– hell.”

Duck went on to say Rico is only dissing him for clout.

“You only dissing me cause I’m trending,” Duck said. “I’m the hottest n***a in Chicago right now. That’s the only reason you dissing me cause you want the clout. …You a– is a lame. Your own block don’t even claim you. I’m in Wuga World everyday. …I’m on your block more than you.”

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