Freek, Billionaire Black & Lil’ Jay Drop ‘100’ Official Music Video

Chicago rapper Freek linked up with Fly Boy Gang rappers Billionaire Black and Lil’ Jay in “100.”

In this One Trey visual, Black anchors the track, rapping, “We got 30s, we got 50s, but I love my 100/I up my gun and dump it, bet he get to running/I should play up in a band cuz my ni**as drumming.

“…Commas, commas, commas, I’m in love with money/I’m smoking dope, it got my face hot/They gon run up on Billion, catch a face shot/Let’s keep it 100, you aint on they block/You mad cause we hot and they not.”

Freek, who hails from the Wild Hundreds on the city’s South Side, turns up off the lean and hits the track, rapping, “Call up papi, got it soming in by the hundreds/ChIraq ni**as balling like MJ/F*ck a cop, f*cka opp, I’m from J-A/I hit it with the soda, tryna double-E/got the pigs on my back, the feds after me/I hit it with soulja tryna double-D/Thotiana and Briana, I can never leave/Wild 100, wild 10, ni**as stay blunted.”

Lil’ Jay finishes the track, rapping, “Yall ni**as aint on nothing/ My ni**as 100/That dope we smoke 100, and those guns they hold 100/Yo b*tch is a thotiana/Oh that 100, 100

“…the goofies aint on nothin/They flock, they frontin/Turn nothing into something, like Nick Canon, get to drumming.”

Check out Freek, Billionaire Black & Lil’ Jay’s ‘100’ official music video

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