Katie Got Bandz Is Burning Mad In ‘Coolin In Chiraq’ (Review)

Katie Got Bandz was born and raised in Chiraq. Katie’s cover art for her new mixtape shows her chilling in the studio as she overlooks her city’s skyline. One may be able to catch Katie in the stu, but she’s anything but cool. Katie is known to be turnt on all of her records. Her newly released mixtape, hosted by DJ Bandz, DJ Scream and DJ Lil Keem, is no different.

DCYoungFly popularized the phrase “Bring That A-- Here Boy.” Katie Got Bandz borrowed this phrase to record a hot new song produced by Jack Flash. Katie can’t be stopped as she goes ape sh-t in this record. Katie raps, “Katie Bandz still making noise, tryna down me and get dissed/I’m me, you a hater and it don’t make no sense/Snake me and I came up, that’s the way the sh-t went.”

Lil Durk lends Katie a feature on song “I Like.” Durk handle the hook, rapping, “These is the b-tches I like/These is the n-ggas they like/These is the shooters I really call shooters, but savages what they gon like.”

Katie raps, “Killers the n-ggas I like/Get smoke, we ain’t got time to fight/Trap jumping got me balling like Mike/ Tell Durk drop a four in the Sprite.”

Katie’s “Lil B*tch” was one of her biggest hit records from 2014. Her song got a boost after she tapped Lil Herb to blaze the record for the official remix. This track is dedicated to broke females that do the most for attention.

Katie kicks off this record, rapping, “You a petty little b-tch, popped out in your best friend’s clothes little b-tch/How the f-ck you getting cake, but you went to Mickie Ds on a date, little b-tch/Why you hating, little b-tch/Come around, never say it to my face, little b-tch.”

Herb must’ve met one or two little b-tches in his life because he goes the F off on this track. He raps, “Own one pair of Uggs, little b-tch/Lil steal, snatch and run, little b-tch/Broke child support paying little b-tch/Won’t let you see his son, little b-tch/Always hold a grudge, little b-tch/Always in the club, little b-tch.”

Don’t Katie “Go Cray” in all of her records? This is not even a question that needs to be asked because she most definitely does. Katie goes in, rapping, “Pull up on the opps like do something/How the f-ck you drilling, don’t shoot nothing/Bought a new chopper got me on one/Screaming f-ck 12, they ain’t on nothing.”

Katie and King Louie’s right hands are itching. They have an urge to “Spend A Band” on their fashion game. The two artists cash out on their collaborative record.

Tony raps, “Spend a band on fashion/Half a band on good, though/$2K for a new coat, that’s how I’m rocking-Cooked coke.”

Katie raps, “Spend a band on fashion/The opps broke and I’m laughing/Me and Tony steady rocking Louis and we parking goofies like (?)/Turnt!/Spend a couple on joints.”

Katie Go Bandz and Top Shotta get into beast mode over their money. It’s wise not to play or finesse them. You’ll most definitely feel their wrath.

Katie and Shotta are a couple of monsters on their collaborative record.

Shotta kicks off this record, rapping, “Got Louis and Ferra with Robins/You owe me, I kidnap yo mama/Top Shotta, that boy is a monster/You better approach us with caution/I’m sending them straight to coffin/No drive-by, n-gga we walking.”

Katie, who also handles the hook on this joint, follows Shotta, rapping, “Why you mad cause you boring/Yo money ain’t flowing/Yo n-gga is going, little b-tches be whoring/F-ck ending that action, b-tch turn up in traffic/Link up and its tragic, my hitters are savage.”

Katie Got Bandz and Lil Mouse place Ls to their foreheads and scream “Loser” to these lames.

Katie and Mouse have a couple of questions for lames that they need answered immediately.

Mouse raps, “Tell me how it feels when h-es ain’t choosing/Tell me how it feel you ain’t getting no mula/I’ma tell you how much I spent at the jeweler/Shout out to my jeweler, now my neck a cooler.”

Katie raps, “Tell me how it feel to be a loser cause I wouldn’t know/Stupid bands with a stupid flow/B-tches hating and they probably broke.”

Katie went psycho on this tape. Her song ‘Lil B-tch” best describes the intensity felt in the entire catalog of new music. With 15 tracks offered in this tape, there is no reason to turn down. Though this project was released at the close of 2014, Katie starts off the New Year on a good note. She’ll most definitely keep the momentum going into her next project.

Stream/download Katie Got Bandz’s “Coolin In Chiraq” below.

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