Lil Herb’s ‘Pistol P Project’ Is Perfect (Review)

Say this three times fast: Pistol P Project is Perfect. You don’t have to say this fast, but you must know that this statement is indeed true. Herb crafted a classic with his debut mixtape “Welcome To Fazoland” and followed up with another hot tape. Some artists suffer the curse of the sophomore jinx. Luckily, Herb doesn’t fall within that category. Herb’s “Pistol P Project” was released as a surprise for fans. Fans were expecting Herb to drop “Balling Like I’m Kobe.” Herb said “PPP” is supposed to hold his fans off until that project’s release.

Herb opens this tape with a news clip featuring an anchor reporting on weekend violence in his hometown. Herb wastes no time getting to work as he flows on top of a production crafted by his day-one producer DJ L.

Herb raps, “I came from the bottom, didn’t ask nobody for anything/I grinded my way to the top and no, I don’t owe no n-gga anything/And when I get outta the game, f-ck n-gga you better remember me.”

A lot can go down over East. Not many people can or are willing to step foot in G Herbo’s 150 Roc Bloc block on 79th street. No worries, though. The NLMB spitter paints a vivid picture of his neighborhood in his second track. Herb gives listeners the 411 in his second track. In the hook, he raps, “Drug raids, conspiracies, murders, homicides/Mommas crying, that’s what’s going down where I reside.”

Herb raps, “Catch G Herbo on the 8 Block with a whole lot of savages/Lil cuz in the cut posted toting .30s and the mac and sh-t/Bet not ride through/If we don’t know you, cuz popping out and he clapping sh-t.”

Herb doesn’t take for granted his newfound fame. He has a little bit of money in his pockets and a growing rap career. In “Nothing At All,” Herb raps, “I won’t settle for nothing cause once I had nothing at all.” Though Herb is a step in the right direction, he still has ways to go before he attains wealth.

Herb fantasizes about the day his dreams for riches come true as he raps, “I need to wake up in a mansion with a chandeliers and marble floors/Fly in a jet, go spend 80k on my neck and open up Ferrari doors/ Can’t settle for less.”

Herb is still fantasizing in track four. This time he prays for better days for himself, his family and guys. These people are the reason why Herb works so hard. Herb is not Sophia, but all of his life he had to fight. Herb tells listeners his struggles as he rhymes over soulful harmonies in song “Quick and Easy.”

G raps, “I been through it, I get through it, no excuses, just get to it/I get smarter, I go harder, I’m into it/I remember momma mad at me, she found out I was smoking weed/Now when my momma hear my voice outside she know it’s me/She never though I’d get from over East to overseas/But I gotta stay in the states cause I’m still fighting cases.”

Herb is not just making dough from his rap hustle. He’s also working for them bands in the trap spot. Herb and his guys call this operation the “Jugghouse.” A lot goes down there. You’d think Herb was running the carter.

Herb raps, “30 clips, 50 clips at the jugghouse/You bet not try to hit no licks at the jugghouse/Halfs turn to whole bricks at the jugghouse/These b-tches go for 36 at the jugghouse/And you know the jugghouse in the hood, b-tch/Don’t get you life took tryna steal some lil sh-t.”

There’s a million ways to crash and burn. Herb is cognitive of the many traps set. Herb is not only keeping his eyes on the prize, but also on the obstacles that will prevent him accomplishing his goals. Herb is going to continue playing it smart. Herb plays the role of an OG in his Jace-assisted record as he seemingly spits game to a younger G.

Herb spits words of wisdom, rapping, “Listen homie, if you gotta go this way about it/Just be smart and know it’s a different way about it/Put your game plan together and go play about it/And when that sh-t get real, just make your way up out it.”

Herb gives fans the “Real” on his time as an adolescent in the streets. There is a reason behind G Herbo’s actions. Herb says he’s a production of his upbringing and environment.

Herb raps, “I grew up just a f-cking screw up/I’m talking way before the money when a n-gga blew up/I’m talking nothing in my stomach, water what I threw up/I came from under in that gutter where it rain manure/Where don’t nobody want a future, all the shorties shooters/But you can’t judge that young man just by what he doing/You don’t understand the circumstances how he grew up.”

Herb again welcomes listeners into his world of police sirens, drug sales, violence and poverty in “4 Minutes of Hell Part 4.”

Herb wasn’t going to give us this installment, but gave into pressure from the fans and streets. He didn’t disappoint.

Herb kicks off this record, rapping, “I’m from the jungle, lions, apes and gorillas/Lions the police, n-gga we the apes and gorillas/Go ape and gorilla/Boa, don’t turn your face on a killer/F-ck the system and we going back to racism, n-gga.”

Lil Herb’s “PPP” contains 10 quality songs. There has been some chatter from a few haters around social media saying these were throwaway tracks. If this is indeed true, I can say that Herb at his worst is better than most rappers at their best. But according to my ears, all tracks recorded for this project were top notch. There’s no telling what Herb has planned in “Ballin Like I’m Kobe.”

Download/stream Lil Herb’s “Pistol P Project” below.

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