Future “Tony Montana” for Children?

“See AK’s ain’t no bi**h, ni**a I’ll split yo tato
Ain’t nothin’ ’bout me ordinary, I come with the yayo”


Rapper Future’s “Tony Montana” has received heavy radio rotation in recent weeks. The song praises “Tony Montana,” a fictional drug kingpin in the film “Scarface.” In the music video, Future takes on the moniker of Mr. Montana as he raps the song as dozens of children dance around him. What is the urban community’s fascination with “Tony Montana” and the film “Scarface.” Why does this music video feature young children when the content obviously isn’t appropriate . Does this music video influence a young generation to become a “Tony Montana.”

Will the urban community ever come together to discuss images that are marketed to their community by the media? Kollege Kidds sound off on this very serious topic.

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