G Herbo Addresses ‘4 Minutes of Hell Pt. 5’ Controversy

G Herbo announced days ago he was going to release “4 Minutes of Hell Pt. 5.”

Herb simply wrote on Twitter, “4Mins of Hell Pt.5 Done.”

But there has been some criticism surrounding Herb’s announcement because fans are questioning the Chicago rapper for going back on his word that “4 Minutes of Hell Pt. 4” would be the last in the series.

Herb took to IG to respond to criticism.

“What the f**k is wrong with you people?” Herb said. “I just notice people on my s**t, ‘I thought you wasn’t gon make another 4 Minutes of Hell.’ What the f**k is it to y’all? What the f**k does it matter what I’ma make?”

Herb’s “4 Minutes of Hell Pt. 5” helped catapult him to fame. Herb invites listeners into his world of police sirens, drug sales, violence and poverty in this provocative music series.

Check out the first four parts of “4 Minutes of Hell” below:

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