G Herbo Lays Down Verse For Upcoming Song With Chief Keef

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G Herbo is currently in the lab working on a classic track with fellow Chicago artist Chief Keef. Herb and Sosa linked together in California.

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In November, Herbo announced preparation for the track during an interview with All Hip Hop.

“I talk to Sosa all the time,” G Herbo said. “I talk to Keef all the time. We FaceTime. That’s my homie. It’s just a matter of us sitting down and doing songs and s**t like that. Like I f**k with him. That’s my homie. We be talking all the time. That’s a great place in the city to be in right now. When they see that, it’s gon shut the City down all the way.”

Watch at 22:00-minute mark below:

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