G Herbo Reveals Real Meaning Of Drill Music

Drill music swept the nation in 2012 following the rise of Chief Keef. Drill music can be described as gangsta music, but much more violent. Some of Chicago’s most popular rappers have garnered much fame during the height of the drill music era.

G Herbo is one of these artists. Herb was asked the meaning of drill music during an interview with DJ Self.

“The term drill means to shoot somebody, to kill somebody,” he said. “If you go on a drill, you going to shoot a gun. That’s what the term ‘drill’ came from. So drill music is violent music, music to go kill somebody to, basically. That was no wave I ever wanted to fall under or through. I was just rapping about my lifestyle, what I was going through. I witnessed death. I’m a product of gun violence. But I don’t promote it. It’s not cool to be a product of that and to be a part of that. I just am what I am. As far as the drill wave, it promote a lot of negativity. But I don’t even think it was intentionally, it was people talking about their life and what they going through, but they weren’t articulating it the right way. If it was put out the right way it would be understood.”

G Herbo, however, doesn’t consider himself a drill artist.

Herb expounded on his artistry during an interview with Complex Magazine.

“What I do, it’s like Nas. That’s Hip Hop. You’re rapping over a sample while telling a story,” he said. “Drill music, you’re not really telling a story. It’s rap, but it’s a new genre. It’s like house music, turn-up music, party music. It ain’t gotta be about violence.”

Herb’s considers himself a “lyricist” and attributes his lyrical ability to growing up on the music of Jadakiss, Nas, Lil Wayne and Juelz Sanatana.

“I don’t consider what I do drill music because I’m going over soulful s---—those aren’t drill beats, for one—and I’m really talking about my life and what I got going on,” Herb said. “Everyday s---. My past, my future, and where I’m at mentally. That’s not drill music. I can make it, but it’s not really the type of artist that I am.”

Herb previously stated this sentiment during a sit-down interview with Sway In The Morning.

“I’m for the drill music, but I still try to expand… be more than that,” he said. “That’s why I got a lot of soulful songs and songs telling stories cause that’s not drill music. That’s real music. I don’t consider myself a drill artist either. I’m just a artist. I try to expand my whole lane and try to be different. I can’t really speak on the whole drill thing cause I don’t try to label myself as a drill artist.”


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