Harlem, New York artist O Boy Drops New EP “Connect the Dots”

Independent Harlem, New York rapper O Boy hopes to become the latest musical sensation to come out of the East Coast. O Boy represents the “Scrilla Hilla” neighborhood which is famously known for the hit record “Chicken Noodle Soup” by Webstar.

O Boy hopes to savor fans’ hunger with a light snack in his newly released 2-song EP called “Connect the Dots.” The project should hold them over until O Boy serves up the full entree with his upcoming album titled “Emotionally In Debt.” O Boy plans to release this project within the next month.

O Boy says the inspiration behind naming his EP “Connect The Dot” comes from Harlem being a puzzle. The young artist says its hard to find peace of mind in a city of love, lust and greed. That plight will lead residents trying to connect the dots or being forgotten. The ones who once had promise will wonder what could’ve been. O Boy says the “Scrilla Hill” is a hood where friends can become enemies over a dice and where you can lose your girl over an Instagram comment.

Check out O Boy’s latest EP “Connect the Dots” on Apple Music Now:

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