HB Yungn and Dayo G Plan Imperfect Heist In ‘No New N—–’ Music Video

HB Yungn and Dayo G were brought into a heist that almost went without a hitch. The two Arizona artists got the drop on a million-dollar lick from who they thought was a solid homie.

The plan of a robbery sounded enticing for Dayo G who was low on funds at a bad time in his life. Yungn and Dayo were told out-of-towners were running a million-dollar poker game.

HB Yungn opens this track, rapping, “Yeah, I’m in the same trenches with them same n****s/That anger hit you different when you mix that pain with it/They talk about the s**t I did but p*ssy, you ain’t did it/They talk about the life I lived, but n*gga you ain’t live it.”

Yungn ends up getting jammed during the lick while Dayo was able to make a clean getaway. Fortunately, Yungin didn’t fold for the detective in the interrogation room.

Dayo G, who laid down melodic vocals in this track’s chorus, follows Yungn, rapping, “I’m usually kind of quiet unless the money talking/Shawty get to twerking, bulls**t get to walking/I don’t need your wave already got the key/Surfing on these n****s like Keanu Reeves/When you up they really wanna see you down/When you the king, they be pulling at the crown.”

Dayo stayed solid for HB Yungin. Instead of blowing his portion of the lick on himself, he used the money to bail out Yungn, and throw him an elaborate boat party with liquor and beautiful women.

HB Yungn and Dayo G show what loyalty and true friendship is in this JDFilms-directed music video. Watch above.

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