Huncho Hoodo Is Paid In Full In ‘The Life I Live’ Mixtape (Review)

Huncho Hoodo is living a dangerous lifestyle. Some fans may ask whether Hoodo chose his lifestyle or if it chose him. Pay close to attention to the Team600 artist’s mixtape and you’ll find your answer. You may just find your answer in Hoodo’s intro. Hoodo says he has gone through more cloudy days than sunny ones.

A lot of friends, he said, are locked up and more than a handful are dead.

“It’s always a dark cloud over me and my city,” he said. “I ain’t gonna sugar coat sh-t. It’s the way we live. It’s the life I live.”

Huncho is a dope boy and compares himself to the character Ace from urban cult classic film “Paid In Full.” Ace was a low-key kid from the projects observing the hustlers in his community getting money. Ace couldn’t escape the peer pressure. It didn’t help that his best friend Mitch was also heavily involved in the game. But Ace soon found himself diving head first in the game after selling his first rock and later a full kilo. Huncho is Chiraq’s “Ace Boogie” in his PRed production. Huncho sold his first rocks and took off like Ace.

Ace felt he was above working in the cleaners. Huncho, too, feels a regular 9-to-5 isn’t for him.

“Can’t be working no sweatshop,” he raps.

Like Ace, Huncho is now wearing the finest wardrobe, smashing the baddest thots and driving the flyest whips.

“[Versace] on me, Gucci on me, gold up on me, h-es up on me/Roll up on em, 80 something, Beamer BBSs on em,” he raps.

Huncho, JB Bin Laden and Ditti Boy are the Big Three. They are balling hard and got critics like ESPN analyst “Stephen A. Smith.”

Huncho raps, “I be clocking them bands, p-ssy n-gga you ain’t talking about nothing/Riding all type of whips, change up on his a-- like Shang Tsung.”

Huncho is feeling like Ace and balling hard like Derrick Rose. But with fame comes hate. Word on the street is they looking for Huncho. But the 600 soldier ain’t ducking sh-t.

Huncho raps, “I wish a n-ggas would, might smoke yo top, little engine that could/In the streets, but a n-gga eating good/600 my gang, my hood/My neck of the woods.”

It’s only so long a mother can keep her son on the porch. Huncho is on the money chase and has to do what he can to keep his pockets full. Huncho attempts to navigate his way through the streets without worrying his OG too much.

Huncho raps, “Mama said I need to slow down hitting the road cause I’m moving too fast/Gotta son out here tryna give him sh-t I ain’t never, ever had/Told her I ain’t gon trap no more/If I do then she gon be mad/Next day showed up at her crib in a brand new motherf*cking Benz.”

The freshest record on Huncho’s tape is his record “Stupid” featuring 600Breezy. Huncho and 600Breezy kick a dope flow and go dumb on this track.

Huncho raps, “Getting money, what I’m doing/How I’m moving, n-ggas clueless/N-ggas watching, n-ggas groupies/B-tches flocking, b-tches choosing/Ain’t no option gotta do me/Gave me top, she just blew me.”

Breezy raps, “Team600, yeah we do this/Me and Hoodo going stupid/Man, these n-ggas ain’t on nothing/All that talking, quit the bluffing/Bankroll on me kind chucky, b-tch I’m tryna rub that monkey.”

Huncho and Dotarachi got their “Drank,” no two-step. Drank, or Lean, is a beverage popularized in Houston. DJ Illinois shouts out Houston natives Pimp C and DJ Screw in the opening of the two 600 artists’ record. DJ Screw is known as the creator of sizzurp. Pimp C was a frequent drinker of the beverage. Both Pimp C and Screw died after overdosing on the beverage.

Huncho kicks off this record, rapping, “Just chilling in the stu, pour me, gotta bag full of ice, Dunkin Donuts for the cup/Gotta s--- down to suck, what’s up/Give me head in the cut, I don’t even wanna f-ck.”

Dot raps, “Smoking dope, yeah this that pack/Shorty keep talking about she gave me some top, don’t remember I was off that Act.”

Huncho doesn’t trust too many. He keeps his circle small. But at the beginning and end of the day, he only trusts himself and his piece. This is because snakes can squeeze into any tight space no matter how small the circle.

Huncho tapped Booka to assist in his song “Who Do I Trust.” He raps, “Sometimes, I sit and ask myself like what the f-ck going on/I used to see this sh-t in movies now it’s coming life/My instincts a motherf-cker and I just don’t feel right.”

Huncho Hoodo knows he’s blessed. He’s feeling godly, which is why he had diamonds encrusted in his Jesus piece. Huncho acknowledges he’s a God-fearing man, rapping, “Lord forgive me, I’m a sinner, I know/Addicted to the money, but it never got my soul/That’s why I wear my Jesus piece, it’s everywhere I go.”

Huncho keeps his eyes peeled for snakes. But there’s no telling which direction snakes will come from. Huncho is cognitive of his surroundings.

In Huncho’s hook, he raps, “These streets f-cked up, everytime I look up, my n-ggas they out here dying/We be fighting tryna live, but we living just to die, feeling like it ain’t worth trying.”

Huncho goes in on this record, rapping, “Own n-ggas killing n-ggas/Own n-ggas be snitches, what the f-ck wrong with n-ggas/Unholy a-- n-ggas/Real phony a-- n-ggas/Tough Tony a-- n-ggas.”

Life isn’t a joke in South Side Chicago. There is real meaning to the now infamous term “Chiraq.” Many read about the tragedies occurring in its urban communities. Team600, on the other hand, is living it. Sometimes, these outlets don’t provide accurate accounts of the City’s grave situations. This is why it’s best to let Huncho Hoodo and Edai tell it.

The Team600 artists reminisce on their fallen guys in song “Sun Don’t Shine.”

Huncho begins this track, rapping, “Sun don’t shine, sun don’t shine/Homicides, shootings, dying/A lot of mommas crying/Dreams get stole, dreams get sold, n-gga I ain’t buying/And I done did a lot of wrong n-gga I ain’t lying.”

Edai raps, “Look in the sky, lost so many guys, see so many clouds/The storm coming, better get inside til it’s finish now/I ain’t had nothing, no more lending now/I got plenty now/I’m trending now.”

Huncho’s gives fans his truth in his project. It’s a tale of a real life South Side Chiraq hustler. Hoodo’s life is glitzy at times, but it’s not all glamour. The crabs in the bucket mentality make Hoodo a target. He has to watch over his shoulder at all times, but he’s prepared to defend himself if need be. It takes a lot of street wit to walk in Hoodo’s Jordans. It may be a lot of risk that comes Hoodo’s lifestyle, but it’s the life his lives.

Download/stream Huncho Hoodo’s “The Life I Live” mixtape below.

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