I.L Will Is The ‘Dope God’ In Mixtape

I.L promised street music in his sophomore mixtape project “Dope God.” And this is what he gave fans in his new release, hosted by DJ MoonDawg and Trap-A-Holics.

The K-Town rapper is the “Dope God” as he anchors this project with his lead single under the same title.

I.L hits this track rapping, “Buy a box of swishers/Dro and kushy mixture/No, I do not miss her/I ran after I hit her/Them thots want the dope god/I can get you high h--/Take a hit of my dough, now you one of my h---.”

I.L couldn’t have a mixtape without featuring his M.I.C. counterparts. I.L. linked with Lil Chris on track “My Money” and Mikey Dollaz on track “Pill D*ck,” respectively.

I.L and Chris don’t play when it comes to money in their Big Faces-inspired track.

I.L bosses up on this track, rapping, “Don’t get confused with the rap s---/It gone get a ni**a clapped quick/For that money hear the chopper sound/I don’t f*ck around with f*ck arounds/A ni**a rob me, I ain’t forget about it/P---- ni**a, you done brought the killer out me/Off them hitters, b*tch, I am trigger happy/On Fatz, for that bread, snatch his whole family.”

Chris follows I.L, rapping, “We ball hard, Jay-Z/Goofy ni**as hating cause they h--- know me/You too, HD/Watching rolex/She gets no sex, she give more neck/Cross chain, my neck/Yo wife, my h--/Post up, corner store/Middle finger, 5-0/Kush strong fire dro.”

The second single promoted for this project was “Alone.”

I.L murdered this Smitty Beats-produced single all by his lonesome with vicious bars.

I.L kicks off “Alone,” rapping, “I’m alone til the day I go/If I’m broke somebody getting poked/I’m alone just me and my dough/I’ma shoot, won’t freeze, won’t choke.”

He picked up the tempo in second verse, rapping, “I don’t give a f*ck about a ni**a, if a ni**a aint my homie/Shoot the pu**y in his face and let him die/Motherf*cka bet not run up on me cause this 30 and this 40, I’m about to let the motherf*cka ride/You can get a bunch of bullet holes up in yo ride/I feel I’m alone til the day that I die.”

I.L collaborated with Bricksquad Monopoly rapper Bo Deal on tracks “Watchin,” “Nothin 2 Something” and the Chi Town all-star track “I’ma Opp Remix.”

What is most profound about I.L’s verse on this track was his ability to put together skilled wordplay while sticking to theme of the track.

Bo Deal wrote “I’ma Opp” in an attempt to end gang division in the Chi Town.

I.L raps, “All my ni**as gang bang, but we show respect when it’s due/I f*ck with Rico Recklezz, I f*ck with Yay Yay White, I f*ck with Poker Face, that’s true/Mix this street s--- with this rap s---, have you end up on the news/Real ni**as do real things, if you a real ni**a, do you/If showing love make me a opp, if you see e ni**a then shoot.”

Speaking of Rico Recklezz, I.L linked once again with the “Fa Tha Fanz” rapper on song “No Problems.” The two previously collaborated on song “Wilin.”

I.L reveals “No Problems” was recorded before “Wilin.”

I.L hits the track rapping, “B----, I’m Recklezz like Rico/I be flexin, f*ck is he on/From Out West to over East/I go hard, I gotta eat/Shoot em up for him to sleep/I smoke the best dope, so my designer reek/B*tch, I’m at the top just like I reached the peak/Smoking hella dope, man I can’t even breathe.”

You don’t want them problems/30 in them fu**ers/50 in the mack, hundred in the choppers/Roller off them yoppers/Dreaded like a Rasta/Turn your brains to pasta/All my ni**as shottas/My ni**a Will a monster/Living like a mobster/I don’t f*ck with impostors.”

I.L’s latest tape is filled with 19 tracks of pure adrenaline. I.L appears to have refined his musical niche and gave fans what they wanted to hear most, while working with Chi’s rising producers, including Uniq Beatz, Deggzy Beatz, Smitty Beatz, J Bon Tha Track, Chase N Dough, Stevie Nick Ent., Dyon Da Track, Santa Banga, YK Beat, Cicero Beatz and Murda Beatz.

“Dope God” is worth the download and listen.

– Written by Alphalpha.
Alphalpha is a self-professed Hip Hop and R&B geek and a music reviewer for

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