Jada Kiss To Aspiring Artists: ‘Invest In Yourself F*ck A Label’

NYC rapper Jada Kiss has a word of advice for aspiring musicians. The “Why” rapper took to Twitter to tell aspiring rappers that they can build their brand without signing a major label record deal.

“Invest in yourself F--- A LABEL! @defjam!!! Big boy dialogue, ”

Kiss’ advice echoes Nelly’s sentiment toward record deals.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Nelly discussed whether artists should sign to a major record label or go the independent route.

Nelly said “social media” makes it a wise choice to go independent. The conversation soon turned to Chief Keef who has had a phenomenal year in the social media department.

The rapper, whose “I Don’t Like” official music video has reached 25 million views on YouTube, continues produce viral content to prove his hot streak.

Nelly commented that Chief Keef is “on fire.

“The worst thing Chief Keef ever did was get a record deal,” he said.

“You look at someone who has a great social media following. Dude [Chief Keef] is well up over 3, 4 million views on his YoutTube… a few times, independently. This was all under a year.”

Nelly said it is harder to “sell records” in today’s era.

Nelly said if he knew what he knew now he would be “cool on the record deal.”

“I’m just going to put out singles. I’ma strike my own deal with iTunes and I’m just going to put out singles,” he said. “Why? Because if I put out an album, I might as well make it a mixtape because my era is not buying albums anyway.

“Why? I can keep putting the songs out and singles and I can keep touring off of singles. As long as my singles are selling as my singles are selling, I’m getting radio airplay, I’m touring. I’m touring, I’m making money.”

Nelly said siging to a record label would put an artist at risk of giving up a portion of their publishing, merchandise and touring.

Going independently, he said, would allow an artist to own 100 percent of that.

“I may not have gotten all of the money I got up front, but I promise you in the next year or two, I would’ve made that money and owned everything I got,” he said.

“You look at Mac Miller. He’s not trying to get a record deal,” he added.

Mac Miller, born Malcolm McCormick, is signed to Rostrum Records, an independent record label.

The “Best Day Ever” rapper is worth a reported $3 million.

“People don’t understand how valuable owning everything is,” he said. “People need to understand how much money would circulate back to them if they did own everything.”

Watch Nelly’s Vlad TV interview below

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