Capo and Lil Durk End Beef

Lil Durk and Capo have settled their differences after months of back and forth bickering.

Capo posted IG direct messages shared between himself and Durk proving that whatever issues that existed between the two have been resolved.

“Yea This Sh-t Real me and Bro Was Jus Choppin it Up Talkin bout how we Finna Finesse These Ms @real_lildurk,” he wrote on IG.

Capo and Durk’s beef reached new heights in late June after the “G.L.O.N.L. 2” rapper accused his 300 compadre of being robbed of his gun.

“I Kno A Rapper from around the Way got His Gun Took by My BrainDead MTV N-ggas! He y’all favorite Rapper from Cokeboys Lmao he kno Who!

“I don’t Sneak Diss These N-ggas Names Jus Ain’t Relavant Cus they Nobody’s and sayin Names Them Police Games! I’m really in the streets,” he wrote.

Capo went on to throw shots at an OTF affiliate.

“Damn OTF REX Yo goof Ass Fam wasn’t surprised To see you Get Got!

“It’s True Shid!” he wrote.

Capo’s tweets come following footage that surfaced showing Lil Durk and OTF affiliates mocking the loss of his Jesus Piece chain.

But this, of course, came months after Durk threatened to break Capo’s jaw.

All hell broke loose after a fraudulent Chief Keef IG profile baited Capo with an anti-Lil Durk post.

“F**k lil durk bitch ass hoe,” the fake Sosa profile wrote to Capo.

Capo unknowingly shot back with an incendiary response, writing, “He a b***h his whole squad sum b*****s hahah.”

Lil Durk ultimately threatened to cause great bodily harm to Capo, writing, “Sneak dissin bad for your health @Elcappgguo I’m catch you and break your jaw on #plutograve.”

Lil Durk went on to refer to Capo as an “opp.”

Capo later responded, saying he would no longer entertain games and that he can be found in the streets.

“I don’t Entertain Police games N****s need shows for the world to See jus Turn up dat savage of yours Up wen u see me nun to Talk about

“I’m not Replying to nun of dem Comments I kno Wassup I Kno Wat Cap Bout Yall don’t Kno me boa Cum on And Bark up dis tree if U want To!

“Police games

“Fee slick and bruh dem real 20 yr niggas U can’t Blame Dese other Niggas cus dey Don’t Kno no Better dey ain’t been around long enough

“U say U in the streets No need to link up Catch me in the streets

“Fuck all dat I’m Tryna think about If I’m Finna buy dis Porsce Truck Or Dis srt8 I’m Confused

“Ima Selfmade ass N***a I got one Goal And It’s to get Slick outta Jail ain’t Got time For No f**k s**t Cus y’all ain’t gone get Him Out,” he wrote.

This exchange was the latest in comments made between Durk and Capo.

Capo slammed Durk’s camp a week ago, writing, “I’m GloGang Not Otf or Gbe.”

Durk replied, writing, “@Capo_GBE300 @SupaSavageOj funny ass niggas love da net.”

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