Joe Budden Almost Caught Lackin By Drake OVO Fans; Chases Them Down

Joe Budden has been in more headlines this past month than when he was actually popping. Aside from Joe Budden’s fiery Drake diss records, the New Jersey rapper was nearly ambushed today by some young fans in the drive-way of his home.

Joe Budden showed he wasn’t for none and began chasing the young men. Joe even went as far as chasing the men in his vehicle.

Budden eventually caught up with the young men and had them begging for their lives.

“This is not the internet,” Joe told the young men. “I will kill one of you.”

“I’m sorry, I understand,” one of the young men said. “I’m sorry.”

The Internet doing what the Internet does best produced a flurry of hilarious memes on incident.

Joe Budden was entertained by the memes, but cautioned his fans to not try that at home.

Joe wrote on Twitter, “These are some of the greatest memes ever, but I truly hope u kids don’t make running up to ppl’s homes a thing. It’s dangerous.”

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