Sid Wells, Que Rakks, Amado CB, Ballout and Day Dollaz of Queens Rap Group “4CB” Take Their Talents To Cali In “Confessions” Music Video

Sid Wells, Que Rakks, Amado CB, Ballout and Day Dollaz of Queens rap group “4CB” left the Big Apple to take their talents to Cali. 4CB is balling hard in the land of sunny weather and palm trees.

4CB got “Confessions,” no Usher. Sid Wells, Que Rakks, Amado CB, Ballout and Day Dollaz get some things off their chests in their JB.Tai-directed music video.

Sid Wells opens this track, rapping, “I got some confessions, baby if you love me then I promise I’ma listen/Yeah, I spent some time til you know a n***a thinking/I been way too far gone/And I been feeling like I can’t get to myself, trapped up in a box and I can’t see nobody else/It’s hard to settle really for you when you really by yourself.”

Que Rakks follow Sid Wells, rapping, “I know that you been moving away/Baby, you know that I can tell/Want you on my side, you’re my ride or die (you’re my ride or die)/Stay down with her/All the rumors f**k around from us/It’s big 4, one night with her/She said she love me, I ain’t wifing her.”

Amado CB is next up to bat, rapping, “She know that I’m a Big Certi, walk in and make a big purchase/Pockets fat, got these n****s nervous/This Rolls Royce pulling in, give them curtains/Give her back to the streets, you can go ahead and keep her/Smoke Za out the pound, this ain’t regular reefer/Do this s**t for myself, used to do it for my people/If I don’t do it for myself, I know they ain’t gon either.”

Ballout is DTB as he raps, I’ma make you fall in love for this reason, show me love with no feelings/Need some peace of mind for the healing/She want all of my time, I can’t feel her/I’ve been on the grind every season/She tryna get me lined for no reason/And I can see the signs, she be chasing/But I love her, I can’t leave for no reason.”

Day Dollaz finishes this record, rapping, “Had to tell her bye bye/You ain’t certified, you ain’t my type/I’m a big Certi n***a, why try/In and out of rentals, that be my vibe/If it ain’t about money, don’t hit my line.”

This ShoBeatz-produced single will appear on the Queens Quintet’s upcoming “4CB Vs The WRLD” project, which is slated to drop soon.

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