Kyyngg Reacts To Chiraq Rapper Lil Marcuz Running Up On Him

Kyyngg trended on social media earlier today for all the wrong reasons after he was nearly caught lackin in Atlanta. Chiraq rapper Lil Marcuz pulled up on the New Orleans rapper as he was leaving Lenox Mall.

Kyyngg attempted to explain the situation in a series of IG videos.

“When he approached me with that camera after I went to call my little brothers tell them to pull up, what you tryna do? N***a talking bout I got it on me,” Kyyngg explained. “ I’m like, ‘you got it on you?’ So that’s what you tryna do? I ain’t even have my gun. My gun was in my book sack. That’s why I was tryna put my f*****g bags down. When he stopped recording I’m like Blood what you tryna [do]? That’s why the video was eight seconds. After that, he ran back in the mall. I thought he was gon call some more n****s. I’m walking to the car to get the little n****s that was with me, my little brothers. I told them to put my bags in the trunk. Blood come back out where I’m going running to the bags in the trunk talking bout he got it on. As you can see clear as day in the video, I stopped to grab my gun out my book sack when I saw him running behind me.”

Kyyngg challenged Marcuz to a fight following the incident as revealed in a text message.

Kyyngg wrote:

“Bet tell your brother we gone line it up.. real 1s involved now so keep up the f*****y I got your number to..see y’all soon!

“It better he fine us before we find him.. we just want the fair 1.”

#kyyngg wants to shoot a fair one with #chiraq rapper #lilmarcuz ??

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Lil Marcuz is an affiliate of Rico Recklezz. The two artists collabed on song “All My N****s.”

Rico and Kyyngg’s beef erupted in November 2016. The two had words for each other for reasons unknown.

Rico shared text messages between himself and Kyyngg onto IG. Messages show Kyyngg requesting Rico’s number.

Rico wrote in his caption, “My homie nem already whooped u move yo clown a-- on fake young thug a-- n***a. This n***a KYNG A FRUIT.”

In another IG post, Rico wrote, “@kyyngg boy find u sumbody 2 play wit b4 I pull up.”

Rico threatened to travel to Atlanta to meet up with Kyyngg. He also said he’d bring Ewol Samo with him.

Rico said, “I’m in Chicago right now, but I’ll be in the A soon.”

Kyyngg had a message of his own he wanted to share with Rico.

“We don’t beef. I don’t beef bro,” he said. “Y’all n****s beefing too hard on the Internet. These n****s mouths be louder than they guns. …N****a killed your partner. N****s been killing your partners since 2010, 2011. You still out here. You ain’t kill nobody yet. Stop all that fake a-- gangbanging. Yo name gon be Rico Neckless if you come to Atlanta on Bs. I’m not even from Atlanta, but if you come out here I’ma show yo a--.”

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