Kevin Gates Says He Never Had Beef With No Other Race But N*ggas

Kevin Gates recently weighed in on talks of African Americans uniting as a race in a vlog. The “Satellites” rapper said he’s had more problems with his own people than other races from past experiences.

“Sh-t be crazy. People say we outta stick together as a people as the black race and all that other sh-t,” he said. “But I ain’t never beef with no other race. I swear to god. Every time I beef, it been with n-ggas. My n-ggas always beef with other n-ggas. I don’t get tired.”

Lil Boosie recently sparked controversy after labeling African Americans the “worst race in the world” during an interview with Peter Bailey.

“I feel like African American is the worst race in the world because, first of all, we kill each other,” he said. “People always talking about this racist stuff, but the white man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a chopper. The white man ain’t tryna take your rims off your car. The white man ain’t doing all this. We doing it to each other. So how can we say ‘F the white man?’ He ain’t doing nothing but- when you get in trouble- doing his job… guilty. He ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

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