Kevin Gates To Be Released From Prison Next Week

#kevingates to be released from prison next week 😱 #freegates

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Kevin Gates is almost out that jam. The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper is scheduled to be released from East Moline Correctional Center on Wednesday, Jan. 10 – his parole date. Gates’ projected discharge date was scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019.

Gates was originally scheduled to be released on parole on June 22, 2018. His projected discharge date was initially June 22, 2019.

Gates was sentenced to 30 months in prison in April on a charge of felony gun possession. He was transferred to Stateville Correctional Center on Thursday, April 27 before he was transferred to East Moline Correctional Center.

Gates’ gun case dates back to 2013. A warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court.

Gates was extradited to Chicago in April 2017 to face his gun charge upon the completion of his 180-day sentence from a Florida jail. Gates was jailed for kicking a female fan in the chest.

#kevingates free ? (spotted at Orlando International Airport ?) | @youprayedmartinez__

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Gates wrote a letter amid his prison sentence.

“In The Name of the Most Gracious Most Merciful

Dear Loyal Family,

Disallow yourselves to be troubled in my time of absence. All of the great ones who came before and will come after me: Have had to go through this. By this I’m speaking in reference to hardship. A great a person is measured by all of the great test they can undergo and still remain true to who they are. With that being said “I’m Him.” I love you all. In closing I remain the same.

– Kevin Gates

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Gates released “By Any Means 2” during his sentence.

Gates sold 40,650 copies of “By Any Means 2,” with 17,834 units from traditional sales in its opening week. Gates’ album features 14 tracks with a guest appearance from PnB Rock. Gates and Rock’s collaborative record “Beautiful Scars” has already been well received by fans.

Gates’ album is available on iTunes and Apple Music.

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