King Deazel Pays Homage To Slain Chicago Teens In ‘War Going On’

It was Marvin Gaye who posed the question: “What’s going on?”

And it is Chicago rapper Deazel who is responding to that question with the answer “war.”

The homicide rate in Chicago has sparked a national outcry on the gun law debate.

But for residents who reside on ground zero in the violent-plagued streets of the Chi, the lost lives of loved ones is more than a center stage for a political debate.

Deazel touched on this grave topic occurring in the Windy City through touching song and poetic lyrics in “War Going On.”

Deazel linked with Dark Mirror Films to provide viewers a more intimate look at the faces of the victims of gun violence, mostly teens and pre-teens.

“Round there kids barely get to grow up,” Deazel raps while sitting on a couch as a news report of Marshown Means flashes across his television set.

Means, 6, was shot in the chest by his uncle during a game of cops and robbers in 2011, according to CBS Chicago.

“The law getting hotter and ni**gas hearts is getting colder/Can’t even leave the crib without looking over your shoulders/Never know if you might be that next victim on the poster,” Deazel raps.

The visual featured more new clips of slain children, including Martell Fields, Hadiyah Pendleton and 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins.

Pendleton’s death made national headlines after she was murdered only a week after performing at President Obama’s inaugural parade with her band and drill team.

“Killing brothers, sisters and babies, where’s the unification/And I gotta say R.I.P. to Heaven/Losy her life to a bullets, she was seven/Can’t forget Hadiyah, another victim of gun violence/And that six-month-old Jonylah/Shot in front of her daddy while he was changing her diaper,” he raps.

Deazel touched on the growing divide amongst gangs in the city.

Gang members in the new millennium are regarded as being “younger, highly disorganized and more ruthless,” according to WGNTV.

“Kill a brother, you’re the man/But come to understand we go to war neither of us own the land/I mean I’m GD, let’s say you a GD/What that mean we gon shoot it out when you see me/Ni**as got to much pride to call it a peace treaty/Police kill us everyday/The enemy CPD/This ain’t the plan King David and Larry Hoover was making,” Deazel raps.

Larry Hoover is the founder of the notorious Gangster Disciples street gang. David Barksdale, who is also known as King David, is the founder of the Black Disciples street gang.

The GDs and BDs are considered to be two of the city’s most dangerous street gangs.

Deazel reasoned that whether one is front of the gun or behind it pulling the trigger, all parties lose.

“You a kill ni**a just to get a point across/You still ain’t win cuz once you get to the joint you lost/Two families grieving, all over what reason,” he raps.

Deazel digs deep in questioning the mindset of his city, while also pleading for a solution to street violence in this emotionally-tinged track.

Check out Deazel’s “War Going On” official music video

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