King Yella Threatens To Knock Out Trippie Redd

King Yella is not rocking with Trippie Redd. Yella threatened to smack Trippie Redd during his latest IG session after the rock star referred to him as being “washed up.”

“I’m getting down on you n****s cause you little gay a-- n****s y’all a-- smacked in high school, will still get y’all a-- smacked right now,” Yella said. “Trippie Redd, I will smack the f**k out you.”

Yella told fans days ago he believes Trippie Redd and other artists are pushing an agenda in Hip Hop.

“All the thugs might as well stop rapping cause they letting all the weirdos get in, Yella said. “If you not Lil Uzi, Trippie Redd, Famous Dex, all the Punk Rock, all that weird s**t, that’s what’s in style now. You gotta be at least kinda weird or a homosexual to get on through the motherf****g game.”

Yella says the industry is too scared to let hardcore rappers in the door.

“They ain’t letting the street n****s through the door cause they know we f*****g s**t up,” Yella said. “They scared of us.”

Yella said he’s going to start pressing gay rappers.

Yella says execs prefer to see up-and-coming artists wear dog collars and tight, long boots with spikes.

“That’s rock star s**t,” Yella said. “That ain’t no hip hop, real street n***a s**t.”

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