Kurt C0caine and 8MatikLogan drop new single “Dangerous”

Independent Chicago artists Kurt C—— and 8MatikLogan link for their new single “Dangerous.” Kurt C——’s lifestyle is toxic like the relationship he is in. In fact, it’s dangerous. It appears to be treacherous due to the fast life that Kurt lives. It’s full of fast money and drugs. Kurt C—— is your modern-day rockstar.

Kurt C—— starts off the chorus of song rapping, “She said my loves Dangerous/Runnin’ round clouds of angel dust/Countin’ so much money gettin’ paper cuts/Demons all around they hang with us.”

The woman in Kurt C——’s might actually be the drugs or his “Dangerous” lifestyle. His verse seems seems to allude to that. He starts off his verse rapping, “Looked into the mirror and saw the devil in me. I need to get high when I’m feeling Whitney.” The Whitney he is referring to may be Whitney Houston. Ms. Houston dies of a drug overdose in her bathtub. C—— goes on to say, “I don’t want to be in love I think it’ll kill me. I know life’s a b—- but she looking pretty. I can feel the world turning and my heart burning.” Could the love of his life be the streets? He finishes off the first verse rapping, “With this lifestyle life is not for certain. I can feel the pain the drugs stopped working. And it takes two to toxic. I don’t want to be involved This type of love is toxic.”

The lyric are pretty deep. Can you decipher the meaning of this song? Check out Kurt C—— and 8MatikLogan’s new single “Dangerous” below:

Bio: 8matiklogan

8matiklogan is an independent artist, and a producer from the southwest side of Chicago. 8matiklogan started releasing music videos in 2013 & is now gearing up to drop 2 mixtapes “8MATIKLOGAN” his self titled EP, & “8LU FAME” which is his first full length project. Follow 8matiklogan via IG @8matiklogan

Bio: Kurt C——

Kurt C—— is an independent artist from the northside of Chicago. Kurt C—— has been releasing music since 2015 but he has done a wonderful job of rebranding himself. Getting prepared for his debut album “OMNI” Kurt C—— releases a remix to his highly anticipated single “Dangerous” featuring 8matiklogan. Follow Kurt C—— on all social media via @hisnameiskurt

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