Lebron James Sends Prayers to Connecticut Shooting Victims, Hints at Gun Control

Miami Heat superstar Lebron James took to Twitter to send his condolences to those affected by the Connecticut school shooting.

“WTH!! Once again our country is going through another horrific tragedy. Prayers goes out to all the families in Connecticut. I’m sick!” he wrote.

“Like what makes someone wanna do that. C’mon now! DAMN IT. Innocent victims just gone,” he continued.

James, who has two sons of his own, wrote the tragedy is affecting because he is also a parent.

“This is really messing with my mind. Kids is everything to me! And of course i have 2 of my own in elementary school as well. I can’t….”

James sent another tweeting hinting that some type of reform may be needed to prevent another tragedy from happening again.

“imagine it happening to my kids school. I and the rest of the families would be devastated! Something has to be done. Land of the free, BS!”

Is it time seriously discuss gun reform in the country? Sound off below.

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