G Count of L.E.P. Bogus Boys Says Game Broke Street Code In ‘Chiraq’ Diss Record

Fans might have viewed Game’s bars in Tyga’s “Chiraq To LA” as entertainment in the realm of Hip Hop.

But to G Count, it was deeper than rap.

G Count spoke to Say Cheese TV on why he recorded his “F*ck The Game Up” Chiraq record.

“This ain’t no diss record record to the Game,” Count said. “He was speaking upon things and naming names we don’t even be saying…because the situations that they in is that serious…that you don’t even say these people’s names in the streets. We don’t even speak on sh*t. N****s already know what it is.”

Game boasted his ties to known members of notorious street gangs in the city. He even name-dropped L.E.P Bogus Boys duo Count and Moonie.

In the track, Game raps, “On the low end, all my BD n****s bring the dope in/BD twins locked up in the feds and my n***a Bump J, hold your head/If you getting money n***a hold your bread/Rock my Pelle P like L.E.D., them Bogus Boys, they f**k with me/I f***k with me/I f**k with stones till I OD/6-9, Seven deuce/Marshalville, I mean Murderville.”

Count said the situation isn’t going beyond the booth.

“It ain’t no situation,” Count said. “If it was a situation, we wouldn’t be sitting here talking all this sh*t, we’d turn up.”

“I hope motherf*****s don’t try to make it into a issue,” he added.

Count said his track was merely recorded to address Game.

“I ain’t no battle rapper. I’m not tryna get on off dissing game. Ain’t none of that,” he explained. “…This some serious sh*t going on, so don’t speak on it.”

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