Lil Bibby Explains No-Snitching Policy If Someone Killed His Mom

Lil Bibby has been subject to much backlash following his Vlad TV interview where he stated he wouldn’t call the police if someone killed his mom.

Bibby took to IG to expound on his reasoning.

“Look here man, this is an announcement for all you snitch a--, b***h a-- n****s talking about that Vlad interview,” he said. “Talking about, ‘If somebody shot yo mama, you ain’t gon tell?’ No. And if you come from where I come from, and you would tell, y’all is some f*****g snitches. I don’t want no smoke with y’all. I don’t want no beef with no n***a like that. Y’all some f*****g police, real talk. If a n***a shoot me, and one of my homies tell on him, that’s not my homie. His a-- is a snitch. He a b***h. One of my homies gon go kill that n****a for me. He ain’t gon tell on a n***a, make sure he get in jail. That n***a get out. He gon f**k around, beat his case. Hell nah. You better go kill that n***a.”

There’s no way around the “no snitching” policy. You live by it and you die by it. Lil Bibby caught flack following the release of his VladTV interview where he said he wouldn’t call the police even if someone killed his mother.

Bibby also spoke on this during an interview with DJ Self.

“If somebody shot my mom and they got away, that’s my business to go look for them,” Bibby said. “I don’t want him in jail because if he’s in jail, he still living. He gon get out, probably beat his case or whatever.” Somebody to do something to anybody in my family, it’s my business to retaliate.”

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