Lil Durk Doesn’t Want His Children In The Streets, Wants Them To Be Nerds

Lil Durk is the proud father of three children – Angelo, Bell and Zayden. Durk is doing his best to provide his children what he didn’t have growing up.

Durk knows all too well about the violence in Chiraq. Though his stomping grounds may have been in Englewood, he doesn’t want his children to have anything to do with the streets.

“My job is to put ’em up somewhere, playing baseball, soccer,” Durk told Vibe. “I don’t want my kids to be on the streets period. I want my kids to be nerds. I want them to be book smart or playing sports — I don’t want them to know nothing about the streets.”

Lil Durk has long stated he wanted to move his family out of Chicago. Durk spoke with Thomas Morton of Noisey in the “Chiraq” documentary to express his growing concern of violence plaguing his hometown.

“I’m gonna move to L.A., man. Move my kids out this s**t. Now I got kids. I’ma get them out of here,” he said. “As long as they safe and they good. They ain’t gotta worry about watching their backs where they at.”

Durk acknowledge there is violence everywhere, but said it’s different in Chicago.

“Violence everywhere, but we’ve got known violence in Chicago,” he said. “Like they killing kids. It’d be something real stupid happening like they killed that baby [Jonylah Watkins].

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