Lil Durk Wants President Obama To Fund Community Centers In Chicago

Lil Durk is calling for President Obama to do more for the city he was once a community organizer in.

In song “Don’t Judge Me,” which appears on “Remember My Name” album, Durk raps, “President still black, I hope he change sh*t.”

Durk opened up on this line in his interview with Vibe. When asked what he would ask Obama if given the chance to speak with him, Durk replied:

“I would just want to know why he won’t build community centers in the hood so these kids can have more positive stuff in the hood? That’s all I would want to know. He can do stuff why won’t he do stuff when he has the power to.”

The “300 Days, 300 Nights” rapper has long called for President Obama to do more for Chicago.

Durk previously stated during a VladTV interview that Obama should do more to address the problems occurring in the Windy City.

“…Being President mean you stepping up to the things the last President didn’t do,” he said. “So you would expect for him to do even better, especially by him being the first Black President.”

Rap legend Shyne has also been critical of Obama’s silence on Chicago violence. The Brooklyn rapper said in an interview with VladTV that Obama could do more to address the senseless slaughter occurring in Chicago:

“I think the President of the United States could be doing far more to address the issue,” he said. “He can be more verbal about it. He can give a greater effort. Obviously, I don’t believe he’s a magician or he’s some type of Houdini and he can wave a magic wand and make that problem go away. But the same way they declared a war on drugs, they need to declare a war on poverty, they need to declare a war on genocide in these inner cities.

“But the same way they declared a war on genocide in these inner cities… it’s so ironic that Barack Hussein Obama got his start as a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago,” he continued. “That’s what he does. He was working with those kids in that community that’s destroying itself. This is not grown men killing each other. You’re talking about 15 year olds that’s popping people’s heads off. That’s a problem! That’s equivalent to Sandy Newton. These are innocent kids for whatever reason don’t value lives and are killing themselves.”

Shyne says despite benefitting from Civil Rights leaders, Obama has done nothing.

“There are people who fought for that. Martin Luther King got murked for that,” he said. “There are people that got thrown in jail for that. People suffered for that. I don’t see Obama doing that.”

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