Lil Herb Finds It Hard To Accept Capo’s Death: I Look At It Like He’s At Chief Keef’s Crib

Lil Herb is finding it hard to accept the death of his long-time friend Capo. Capo, born Marvin Car, was shot and killed last summer in South Side Chicago. He was 22.

G Herbo told Noisey the loss of his NLMB comrade has been tough.

“I’ve been knowing Capo for a long time, man. Almost ten years, maybe even almost longer,” he said. “I feel like our relationship, it always been strong. His little brother’s one of my best friends. That was like a brother to me, so seeing him leave was crazy. And knowing what we had planned for each other. Me and him talked about becoming successful together, and of course we had songs together and stuff like that because that was just my homie. It wasn’t like a music type relationship. We’d been like that forever. We’d shared a lot of moments. So losing him took a big, big thing from me. I move a different way now. I think different. Everything about me has been different since he left. I ain’t gonna lie. A part of me left when he left. And I feel like really it’s hard to really explain because it’s a feeling I ain’t never felt before. I wouldn’t say I’m in denial, but it doesn’t feel like he’s gone. Right now, still. I just look at it like maybe he’s out of town, man, like at Sosa’s crib or something. I just look at it like that, he’s in LA. I don’t want to be in denial, but I don’t want to think about it.”

Herb says he wished Capo would’ve moved better given his celebrity.

“The people who pass, you never expect them to go so soon, and it’s always the people you least expect, too,” he said. “It was crazy for him to lose his life because we know what we were supposed to do in life. We know what we were worth. He knew there wasn’t room for error, to do that type of thing, to be outside the way he was and things like that. It’s no way that he should be gone now.”

Herb made mention of Capo’s tragic death in song “L’s,” which appears on his “Ballin Like I’m Kobe” mixtape.

In song “L’s,” Capo raps, “And damn Cap, we was just ridin through the town/Smokin out the pound/30-40 down/Heard that s**t, it made me sick/I’m still fresh from out of town/If I’m comin home to that how I’m supposed to put it down?/They don’t understand my struggle/They don’t care what I’ve been through.”

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