Young Chop Says Lud Foe Reminds Him Of Chief Keef

Lud Foe is the hottest rap newcomer popping in Chicago right now. The OutWest rapper is getting co-signs from his fellow Chicago musicians. This is actually unheard of as Chicago’s music scene is known to be divisive.

Legendary drill producer Young Chop recently praised the “Cuttin Up” rapper during an interview with XXL Magazine. Chop event went as far as saying Lud Foe reminds him of Chief Keef.

“…[Lud Foe] is the next n***a coming out,” Chop said. “You want to know what’s crazy? He reminds me of Keef so much with how he moving and acting and rappin’. He just reminds me of Keef so much and once he got on the song, I’m like, Damn, he remind me of my dog. He the next one up. But I don’t want to put Keef name into his [movement]. He got his own shit going on. I just f**k with him. I feel like he’s the next big one out of the city.”

Lud Foe was rumored to be beefing with Sosa. This was due to World Star premiering Lud Foe’s “What’s The Issue” music video with “Chief Keef Diss?” written in its title.

Lud Foe took to IG to address the situation and say he’s not beefing with Sosa.

He wrote, “Dis Fa My Fans N Supporters N All You D**k Sukin Ass Web Blogs… Me And @chieffkeeffsossa Are Not Beefin… I Don’t Rap beef Dis Music Sh*t Be Funny Ta Me Man I F** Wit Da Glo… Y’all Crazy… @worldstar quit droppin dat subliminal ass sh*t on yo page bro #KingofOutwest.”

Chief Keef and Lud Foe’s alleged beef sparked an uproar on social media:

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