Woman Arrested For Shooting Houston Man In Head On Facebook Live

Devyn Holmes made headlines after suffering a gunshot to head on Facebook Live on Sunday, April 1. The man was transported to Ben Taub Hospital in serious condition, and is on life support.

Cassandra Damper has been charged in the shooting.

Cassandra, 25, was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of a Valero gas station. Devyn, Cassandra and another man were sitting inside the vehicle when the gun went off.

Cassandra was playing with two guns when it discharged.

“You’re making me nervous,” Devyn said.

“It ain’t got no clip, bud,” a man seated in the back of the vehicle states in the video.

“Hey, where you from again…?” Devyn asks Cassandra.

“You see what we doing to lying a*s h---, we draw down, we draw down on dem h---…say something b***h!,” Damper says playfully only seconds before she shoots a bullet into Devyn’s head.

Houston Police wrote on Twitter the Harris County District Attorney would refer the case to a grand jury for determination of other possible charges.

“The disturbance appeared to be kids playing with guns,” Houston police Detective John Roberts told KHOU 11.

“The person that shot him says it was an accident,” Roberts added.

The case will likely be referred to a grand jury, Roberts said.

A woman who claims to know Devyn took to Facebook to provide people an update on his condition.

“Devyn Holmes is breathing and responding on his own! God is working. And prayers are still coming.”

Devyn’s father also took to Facebook with a health update.

He wrote, “Hey. Got some positive vibes for you. He was alert, responding to command physically and breathing more on his own then yesterday. Now that’s some news you can repost. My lil mans a gentleman, scholar and a warrior.”

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