Tekashi69 Allegedly Involved In Shootout With Fetty Wap’s Crew, ‘Gummo’ Rapper Reacts

Tekashi69 was allegedly involved in a shootout with Fetty Wap’s crew Wednesday night, TMZ reports.

Tekashi and his guys got into a confrontation with Fetty Wap’s crew during an attempt to enter a recording studio.

Fetty’s crew reportedly stopped Tekashi from entering, at which point an argument erupted. This is when someone pulled out a gun and fired a couple shots in the air.

Cops were called, but everyone left by the time they arrived. Cops recovered the shell casings and are now searching for the gunmen.

Tekashi, who is currently in Los Angeles, issued a statement on the matter.

“You know a lot of n****s saying that n****s shot at my man Fetty Wap,” Tekashi said. “Nobody shoot at Fetty Wap. That’s my brother. You don’t shoot at my friends.”

Tekashi collaborated with Fetty Wap in song “KEKE” in December 2017.

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