Tekashi69 Taunts Chief Keef, Rides Through New Jersey Playing ‘Faneto’

Tekashi69 dares the Glory Boyz to meet him in New Jersey. The “Gummo” rapper taunted Chief Keef by playing “Faneto” in traffic.

Tekashi specifically streamed Sosa’s lines where he raps, “I’m ridin’ through New York/Finna go and shoot New Jersey up/Tryna take my chain, I ain’t goin’/We gon’ come and blow New Jersey up.”

Tekashi69 got social media talking when posting a video calling out the Glory Boyz Thursday.

“Y’all see how I been chilling for the past couple of days, the past couple of weeks,” Tekashi69 said. “I’ve been in no rap beef. I’ve been not doing all dumb s**t, no headline news, none of that s**t. I’ve laying mad low key. N****s like you can’t release a f*****g music video or a song without getting into a beef to promote your music. I just released ‘Tati.’ I haven’t been in no beef since two weeks. It’s a 10 million in a couple days. I don’t need no beef to promote my f*****g music. N****s be like, ‘Oh chill, you f**k with the wrongs ones now.’ You f*****g with GBE now. And I grew up listening to Chief Keef. I don’t give a f**k about these n****s, Blood. ‘I’ll give him six months, he’ll be dead.’ Suck my d**k, stupid. I’m back on my f*****g bulls**t.”

Chief Keef and Lil Reese aren’t with the play play. Sosa and Reese posted subliminal messages in response to Tekashi69’s threats Thursday.

Sosa wrote in his IG Story, “Police a--.”

Reese posted an IG caption, writing, “Don’t say s**t cause it sound good make sure you mean that s***t.”

Tekashi69 posted footage of himself ganged up in New Jersey, and wanted Tadoe to link


The “Gummo” rapper got Tadoe on FaceTime in hopes of getting him to meet somewhere in the Garden State. What ensued, however, was an intense argument.

Police a-- n***a. He started the s**t. The s**t could’ve been behind, end that. He a f*****g clown.

Tekashi ended the call, saying, “BDK.”

BDK is an acronym for “Black Disciple Killer.”

Tekashi dissed Chief Keef and Lil Reese prior to his FaceTime call with Tadoe.

“F**k Chief Keef, f**k Lil Reese, f**k all them n****s. F**k y’all talking about. It’s f*****g Trey Way. Come up to New Jersey. Jersey ain’t even my city, but my brothers is there. New York s**t. This f*****g Trey Way.


Tadoe got at Tekashi and DJ Akademiks a few weeks ago for keeping his name in their mouths.


Tadoe and Tekashi69’s issues reignited after DJ Akademiks told followers the Glo Gang rapper was in Brooklyn. This prompted Tadoe to issue a response.

Tadoe took to IG Live to issue a response debunking Akademik’s reporting, saying he wasn’t in Brooklyn.

“DJ Akademiks a f*****g clown. He got famous off us,” Tadoe said. “DJ Akademiks better stop playing with us too before motherf*****s get on his a--. Find out his [location]. DJ Akademiks better stop playing with a motherf****r. Tell they a-- all that Instagram s**t, I ain’t with none of that s**t. On folks nem grave, n***as can get up with me. Tashiki, one-on-one, me and him. Go at them goofies. Tell them to come get up with me. I just got off the plane. I was just in Miami. I never said I was in Brooklyn.”

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