Lil Herb & Lil Reese Collab For New Song ‘On My Soul’

Lil Herb and Lil Reese got some heat for fans of Chicago Hip Hop. The two budding MCs collaborated for the single “On My Soul.”

Herb hit this single with a fast delivery, rapping, “Came straight from the block, now I’m on the mic, cock roaches all in the trap where I used to spend the night/Yeah n***a, I need the money f**k fame, I’ma stay the same, never change/I be with the gang, sipping purple lean, switching lanes/30s in the hands, so don’t run up on his Range or it’s run up on your brain boy.”

Lil Reese used his verse to taunt the flops in the industry, rapping, “Huh, you’s a would’ve, could’ve, should’ve n***a/Ok, yo clique’s a bunch of would’ve, shoud’ve, could’ve n****s/You just a would’ve, should’ve, could’ve n***a/Give a f**k about what you would’ve, should’ve, could’ve n***a.”

Reese continues, rapping, “My n****s, a shoot you on the block and take all your figures/If you holding on the low, they’ll shoot you, take all your figures/If he holding on the low, I need that, little f*****n n***a.”

This single appears on Herb’s solo debut mixtape “Welcome To Fazoland.”

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